An Inkling of the Past
(An Extremely Brief History)

It was the summer of '72. The free love and peace movement were in the throws of orgasm and would soon mellow into the disco revolution. Ohhhh yeah! (Get down tonight!)

We all came together, it seemed, at once. We were all drawn together as if some magnetic karma sat in the center of the circle of our lives. We were meant to do magick together.

We studied and tested and experimented and played with great abandon. We were unsatisfied with stale religious ways and our souls thirsted for refreshment. We took from the old, made it new and made it ours. We laid down our circles with beeswax, chalk, paint, lime, leaves, and plain old dirt. So many discoveries we made.

We did not know at the time that there were many, many more groups like ours around the Earth suddenly coming together, studying, testing, experimenting and playing at precisely the same time that we were doing it. Hmmm. Life is strange.

And then, suddenly.....10-11 years later the great exploration was least the first phase . . .

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