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Special Note: At the risk of belabouring the extremely obvious, this page is a work in progress, with quite a distance to go before it sleeps. All of these Attributions are from our perspective. We are not putting them forward as objective fact. We welcome all feedback, though we do not guarantee to process it other than for ascertainable accuracy and usefulness. Thanks.
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Disclaimer: These pages are intended for observational studies, including those for Comparative Religion. They are created from a Pagan WorldView. We have done our best to provide information as accurate as possible, especially on religious traditions that we do not draw from. We realize that we cannot provide information about the spiritual sides of these traditions. We include information on them in an effort to be as comprehesive as possible in our overview of metaphysics. We will be happy to review any communications calling attention to errors of fact or history that we may include, and will gladly correct any mistakes. Please direct such emails to:

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Special Note: Garden of Life uses a large number of specially purposed English words, often spelled slightly differently than regular, to make their more specific meaning more apparent. We also use a large number of neologisms, specifically constructed for Temple use. All of this type of terminology is defined in several places on the website, here in the Garden of Life website Definitions pages, in the Articles of Organization glossary, and such. If you are viewing this page in a browser which doesn't support full current Unicode coding (such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer - though version 8 is almost there) or if you haven't installed current free Unicode fonts, such as Code2000 version 1.171 at FontSpace or Alphabetical List of Unicode Fonts, many of the phonetic characters, diacritical marks, and symbols in these pages will not show up or will show up as boxes. Availability changes so you may have to do a search. It's a free font for personal use, so we can send you a copy if you can't find it. And the display probably won't be perfect anyway, but it's getting closer all the time.
Capital A with ring aboveÅ Capital A with macronĀ Capital A with breveĂ Capital with diaeresisÄ Capital A with circumflex Capital A with dot aboveȦ Capital A with inverted breveȂ Capital A with tildeà Capital A with ogonekĄ Capital AE ligatureÆ Capital AE ligature with tildeÆ̃
Capital Glottal Stop Capital Palatoalveolar Click Regular English AA Script Capital L Capital L with macron aboveL̅ Capital L with dot below Capital L with stroke, Dark L Ł Regular English LL Capital WHω Capital W with macron aboveW̅ Capital W with dot below
Regular English WW Capital Slide H with reverse solidusℋ⃥ Capital H with macron aboveH̅ Capital H with dot below Aspirate 
Slight Pause Very Slight Pause Regular English HH Capital S with macron aboveS̅ Capital S with dot above Capital SH sign
Capital SKΣ Regular English SS Hard and Deep Capital DД High and Light Capital D Regular English DD Capital O with ring aboveO̊ Capital O with macronŌ Capital O with breveŎ Capital O with diaeresisÖ Capital O with solidusØ Capital OE ligatureŒ
Capital O with Cyrillic Round OmegaѺ Capital OI Capital O with ogonekǪ Capital O with double oo top Regular English OO Capital EZJHʑ Capital Z with macron below Capital Z with dot aboveŻ Regular English ZZ Capital K with macron aboveК̅ Capital K with dot below К̣
Capital Hard KHχ Capital KHƙ Regular English KK Capital V with macron aboveV̅ Capital V with dot below Regular English VV Capital G with macron Capital G with dot aboveĠ Capital GNΓ Capital GRЖ Capital GWCapital GW
Capital Uvular Voiced ImplosiveϘ Regular English GG Capital rolled R with macronЯ̅ Capital rolled R with dot aboveЯ̇ Capital R with macron aboveR̅ Capital R with dot above Capital R with ogonek Regular English RR Capital C with cedillaÇ Capital CHЧ Regular English CC
Capital N with macron aboveN̅ Capital N with dot below Capital N with tildeÑ Capital NGŋ Capital NG with macron aboveŋ̅ Regular English NN Capital Y with macron above Ȳ Capital Y with dot above Capital Y with yaw aboveЎ Regular English YY Capital J with macron aboveЈ̅
Capital J with dot belowЈ̣ Regular English JJ Capital U with a ring aboveŮ Capital U with macronŪ Capital U with breveŬ Capital U with circumflex aboveÛ Capital U with diaeresisÜ Regular English UU Capital F with macron aboveF̅ Capital F with dot above Regular English FF
Capital Q with macron aboveQ̅ Capital Q with dot aboveQ̇ Regular English QQ Capital B with macronB̅ Capital B with dot below Trilled BCapital Trilled B Regular English BB Capital M with macronM̅ Capital M with dot below Capital M with tilde Capital MBCapital MB
Capital MG Regular English MM Capital X with macron aboveX̅ Capital X with dot above Regular English XX Capital I with macronĪ Capital I with breveĬ Regular English II Capital T with macron aboveT̅ Capital T with dot below Capital TH voicedΘ
Capital TH voicelessÞ Capital TSЦ Capital TSCHЩ Regular English TT Capital E with macronĒ Capital E with breveĔ Capital E with circumflexÊ Capital schwa Ə Regular English EE Capital P with macron aboveP̅ Capital P with dot above
        Capital pTCapital pT   Regular English PP        

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