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Special Note: At the risk of belabouring the extremely obvious, this page is a work in progress, with quite a distance to go before it sleeps. All of these Attributions are from our perspective. We are not putting them forward as objective fact. We welcome all feedback, though we do not guarantee to process it other than for ascertainable accuracy and usefulness. Thanks.
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UnConventions: Just a few things that may help you find listings in this index:

0. This glossary is developed entirely from a Pagan worldview, with no interest in or agenda building entries for any of the monotheistish Abramic faiths, other than in that comparitive religion way.

1. If you are a member and/or leader of one of the defined Traditions herein (or a person otherwise knowledgable about any Tradition), we would be delighted to get any corrections and/or input on the wording of our definitions concerning such Traditions. Please direct such emails to:

2. We have a healthy respect for "Articles", if the term listed starts with an "A" or a "The" we use it in alphbetizing, i.e.: "The Old Religion" is under "T" for The, not O for Old.

3. The diacritically marked Phonetically constructed words are all in their own sections at the top of each file, accessable easily from the index table below. This of course does not include words which include diacritically marked letters other than at the beginning of a word.

4. There aren't many Individual People listings yet, but when there are they will be listed under "First Name First" spellings (because it pleases us to do so).

5. Many of the assertations in the definitions are taken from information found on websites and in other reference material published by the organizations being defined or in some cases by other organizations which list information about them, and does not imply independent verification by Garden of Life.

6. We are now working hard on the "see alsos" on all the entries, to more tightly interweave those subjects which are closely related, and at least a link back to the main category to which each might belong.

7. Some of the entries are posted in first draft, and otherwise incomplete form, we are still working these and will try to get them posted in a more finished form, within the parameters of an all volunteer werking force.

8 We could put this in a database form which would pull up less enormous and daunting pages, but we feel that the benefit of being able to peruse the words and phrases around the one you are looking for is of paramount importance, so we are going with that.

Definitions, Premisses, and Info Index by Sound and Letter

Capital A with ring aboveÅ   Capital A with macronĀ   Capital A with breveĂ   Capital A with diaeresisÄ   Capital A with circumflex   Capital A with dot aboveȦ   Capital A with inverted breveȂ   Capital A with tildeà   Capital A with ogonekĄ   Capital AE ligatureÆ   Capital AE ligature with tildeÆ̃   Capital Glottal Stop   Capital Palatoalveolar Click   Regular English AA   Script Capital L   Capital L with macron above   Capital L with dot below   Capital L with stroke, Dark L Ł   Regular English LL   Capital WHω   Capital W with macron above   Capital W with dot below   Regular English WW   Capital Slide H with reverse solidusℋ⃥   Capital H with macron above   Capital H with dot below   Aspirate   Slight Pause   Very Slight Pause   Regular English HH   Capital S with macron above   Capital S with dot above   Capital SH sign   Capital SKΣ   Regular English SS   Hard and Deep Capital DД   High and Light Capital D   Regular English DD   Capital O with ring above   Capital O with macronŌ   Capital O with breveŎ   Capital O with diaeresisÖ   Capital O with solidusØ   Capital OE ligatureŒ   Capital O with Cyrillic Round OmegaѺ   Capital OI   Capital O with ogonekǪ   Capital O with double oo top   Regular English OO   Capital EZJHʑ   Capital Z with macron below   Capital Z with dot aboveŻ   Regular English ZZ   Capital K with macron aboveК̅   Capital K with dot below К̣   Capital Hard KHχ   Capital KHƙ   Regular English KK   Capital V with macron above   Capital V with dot below   Regular English VV   Capital G with macron   Capital G with dot aboveĠ   Capital GNΓ   Capital GRЖ   Capital GWCapital GW   Capital Uvular Voiced ImplosiveϘ   Regular English GG   Capital rolled R with macronЯ̅   Capital rolled R with dot aboveЯ̇   Capital R with macron above   Capital R with dot above   Capital R with ogonek   Regular English RR   Capital C with cedillaÇ   Capital CHЧ   Regular English CC   Capital N with macron above   Capital N with dot below   Capital N with tildeÑ   Capital NGŋ   Capital NG with macron aboveŋ̅   Regular English NN   Capital Y with macron above Ȳ   Capital Y with dot above   Capital Y with yaw aboveЎ   Regular English YY   Capital J with macron aboveЈ̅   Capital J with dot belowЈ̣   Regular English JJ   Capital U with a ring aboveŮ   Capital U with macronŪ   Capital U with breveŬ   Capital U with circumflex aboveÛ   Capital U with diaeresisÜ   Regular English UU   Capital F with macron above   Capital F with dot above   Regular English FF   Capital Q with macron above   Capital Q with dot above   Regular English QQ   Capital B with macron   Capital B with dot below   Trilled BTrilled B   Regular English BB   Capital M with macron   Capital M with dot below   Capital M with tilde   Capital MBCapital MB   Capital MG   Regular English MM   Capital X with macron above   Capital X with dot above   Regular English XX   Capital I with macronĪ   Capital I with breveĬ   Regular English II   Capital T with macron above   Capital T with dot below   Capital TH voicedΘ   Capital TH voicelessÞ   Capital TSЦ   Capital TSCHЩ   Regular English TT   Capital E with macronĒ   Capital E with breveĔ   Capital E with circumflexÊ   Capital schwa Ə   Regular English EE   Capital P with macron above   Capital P with dot above   Capital pTCapital pT   Regular English PP

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