Garden of Life

Ab Neterit - Heart of the Goddess

The Temple Entrance Image above is: The Angel of Nekyia by A. Andrew Gonzalez. We often also refer to this image as Ab Neterit or Heart of the Goddess

The Portal Checking Tour that you will go on if you click on the above Angel and/or Goddess image contains a sampling of David Camp's art.

Surreal Art by David Camp
 to see more of his work . . .

It's probably always a mistake to try and categorize Art, but Mr. Camp's Art contains a lot of what we would call ÆgyptoSurrealism, and as such is dear to our hearts. ÆgyptoSurrealism  is a simple designation that we would use and does not reflect a label used by Mr. Camp on his pages.

Madam Rose's School for Girls. The Music you will hear while looking out the Windows of the Temple is Willow's Song, yes, of course, from the Wicker Man, as performed by Green Crown at the Pagan Spirit Gathering 2001, featuring the haunting vocals of Ingrid Eyens, the audio file is from the Green Crown site.

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