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TransPagan Issues in Papyrus

The issues facing the Pagan Community range, (perhaps as is always the case), from the Sublime to the Ridiculous. We do not wish to give our positions on these issues below, in this area, but simply to delineate the nature of the issues as we understand them. We have a seperate area where we post consensus Garden of Life positions on various issues, with a link to it at the bottom of this page. We do realize that even in the phrasing of the issues below, it is impossible to take any type of objective observer position. If Quantum MetaPhysics teaches nothing else, it teaches the likely impossibility of removing the Observer from any statement about the Observed. And our bias may fluctuate from time to time as the pool of volunteers who put the content in these pages changes. In spite of, and/or perhaps because of all these things, we do wish to stimulate discussion within the Pagan community (however the various members of that community wish to selfdefine) on these issues. This Discussion is part of the Eternal MultiLogue that we find fascinating and productive. This page will be about that.



Pagan Community and Identity

Flavouring the New Aeon

Education of the Children

Care of the Elders

Establishment of Alternative Community Activity Centers

Counseling performed by Pagan Officiants

Pagan visibility to the current established civilization

Fears from The Burning Times

Concern about Intrinsic Problems with any "Established Religion"

~amouries and ~gamies or Poly and her sister Mona

The sometimes seemingly Absurd approaches to Illumination

Pagan Professional Listings

Benefits for Pagan Officiants


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