Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive

Position Papers


Sacredness of Nature

Diversity of Spiritual Paths

Necessity of Direct Spiritual Experience

Field Theory of Sentience

Sanctity of Sentient Communication

Sacredness of Sexuality

-amories and -gamies

Energy Direction and Application



Illumination and Enlightenment

Sex Magick




Fence Sitting

Importance of Words and Terminology

Pagan Unity

Pagan Community and Identity

Flavouring the New Aeon

Education of Pagan Children

Care of Pagan Elders

Establishment of Alternative Community Activity Centers

Counseling performed by Pagan Officiants

Pagan visibility to the current mainstream society

Fears, attitudes and other issues from the Burning Times

Intrinsic Problems with any "Established Religion"

The sometimes seemingly Absurd approaches to Illumination

Benefits for Pagan Officiants

Pagan Professional Listings


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