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Divinatory Systems - Short Definitions

(None of these Categories are concrete, if they help with navigation or location of particular information, then they will have fulfilled their purpose. Such is the fate of Linearity in a Wholistic Cosmos.)

Acultomancy - divination using needles

Aeromancy - divination by atmospheric conditions, in some cases forecasting changes in the weather. Related to: austromancy, ceraunoscopy, chaomancy, and meteormancy

Aichomancy - divination by sharp points

Ailuromancy - divination by observation of the appearance and/or movement of cats

Alectormancy - divination using the sacrifice of a rooster

Alectryomancy - divination using the eating patterns of chickens, particularly by watching a rooster gather corn kernels, in some cases marked kernels

Aleuromancy - divination using flour or meal, in some cases involving slips of paper baked into dough balls, i.e.: fortune cookies

Alphitomancy - divination using barley grains or meal, in some cases using loaves or cakes made of wheat or barley flour

Alveromancy - divination using sounds, particularly naturally occurring sounds

Ambulomancy - divination using walking, often in a particular pattern, possibly related to gyromancy

Amniomancy - divination by examining afterbirth, in some cases of future luck by the presence of a caul

Anthomancy - divination using flowers

Anthracomancy - divination using burning coals

Apantomancy - divination using objects at hand

Aquamancy - divination by water

Arachnomancy - divination using the observation of the appearance and/or movements of spiders

Arithmancy - divination using numbers particularly in relation to equations

Armomancy - divination by examining one's shoulders

Aspidomancy - divination by sitting and chanting within a circle, in some cases the diviner sits on a shield

Astragalomancy - divination using dice or knucklebones, in some cases using the bones of sheep, may be a type of sortiledge

Astrology - divination using the positions of the stars, planets, planetoids, moon, asteroids, houses and signs of the zodiac at specific times

Augury - divination by signs and portents

Austromancy - divination using the wind, a form of Aeromancy

Axinomancy - divination employing an axe or hatchet

Batraquomancy - divination using observation of appearance and/or behaviour of frogs

Belomancy - divination utilizing feathered arrows, often by observing placement, individual and relational of dropped or cast arrows, such as when a certain number of arrows were thrown into the air, and their landing postioning is interpreted, in a manner similar to other types of sortiledge. Also sometimes with the methodology of labels containing all the known possible solutions to the query being attached to the arrows, and the solution on the label tied to the one which travels farthest is considered the preferred oracle. It was anciently practiced by the Babylonians, Scythians, Greeks and Arabians, among others. Sir Thomas Browne describes it in Pseudodoxia Epidemica

Bibliomancy - divination from lines or passages from the Abramic texts commonly collected and referred to as the bible

Bioôrheômancy - divination using BioRythms

Bubliomancy - divination by opening a book, manuscript or text of any sort and selecting lines or passages at random

Bubliotreptosomancy - divination by the Book of Changes, commonly called the Yi Jing or I Ching, an ancient Chinese Daoist text

Botanomancy - divination using leaves, branches or plants, often by burning, as a form of pyromancy

Brontomancy - divination using thunder

Bubliomancy - divination using books

Capnomancy - divination by means of smoke

Carromancy - divination using modern playing cards

Cartomancy - divination using cards, particularly Tarot Cards

Catoptromancy - divination using a mirror or mirrors, in some cases by observing a mirror placed underwater

Catoxtromancy - divination using looking glasses

Cattabomancy - divination using vessels made of metal

Causimancy - divination by means of fire

Causinomancy - divination by observing objects cast into fire

Ceneromancy - divination using ashes

Cephaleonomancy - divination using the head of an ass, sometimes by boiling

Ceraunomancy - divination using thunderbolts, and lightning (aeromancy)

Ceromancy - divination using melted wax or wax drippings

Chaomancy - divination by examining phenomena of the air or aerial visions

Chartomancy - divination by written upon paper and/or charts

Chiromancy - divination by studying the hands, such as by means of palmistry

Chronomancy - divination using time and various temporal phenomena

ClairAudience - divination by hearing sounds outside one's normal range of hearing, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to receive sounds outside normal or even extraordinary range

ClairGustorance - divination by perceiving tastes not physically in contact with the tastebuds, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to receive tastes outside normal or even extraordinary range

ClairKinesthesance - divination by perceiving movements outside one's normal range of such perception, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to percieve motion outside normal or even extraordinary range

ClairOlorance - divination by recieving smells outside one's normal range of smell, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to receive smells outside normal or even extraordinary range

ClairSynesthesiance - divination by reception of sensory impressions outside one's normal range, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present but not in their normal context, i.e.: smelling, hearing or feeling colours, seeing sounds, and so forth. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to receive these stimuli outside normal or even extraordinary range.

ClairTactealance - divination by feeling touches such as of texture, outside one's normal range of touch, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to receive touch sensations outside normal or even extraordinary range

ClairVoyance - divination by seeing outside one's normal range of sight, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to see sights outside normal or even extraordinary range

Cleidomancy - divination using keys, such as using a suspended key in some cases a form of radiesthesia

Cleromancy - divination by throwing small objects, of which sortilege is a special case

Conchomancy - divination using shells

Coscinomancy - divination using a sieve and a pair of shears

Crithomancy - divination examining markings in freshly baked bread, in some cases by strewing meal over sacrifices

Critomancy - divination using viands and cakes

Cromnyomancy - divination using onions

Crystallomancy - divination by means of clear objects, in some cases scrying into a crystal ball

Cubomancy - divination by throwing dice

Dactyliomancy - divination using observation of a finger

Dactylomancy - divination using rings, radiesthesia using suspended ring

Daimonomancy - divination by consulting with one's internal genius in the Socratic sense

Daktulithomancy - divination using precious stones

Daphnomancy - divination using laurel trees sometimes a form of pyromancy with a laurel leaves and/or branches

Deigmaphalainamancy - divination by patterns on butterfly or moth wings

Demonomancy - divination using demons, the aid of demons, suggestions from demons

Dendreoschêmamancy - divination using tree positionings especially around clearings

Dowsing - divination to find lost things, or locate unknown things, under the earth using rods or twigs which are drawn down in the presence of the sought

Dririmancy - divination by observing dripping blood

Enoptromancy - divination using mirrors

Entomomancy - divination using the observation of the behavior and appearance of insects

Epsophêkamancy - divination using astral knocking, table tilting

Eromancy - divination using water vessels

Floromancy - divination using the interpretation of the emotions or feelings of flowers

Gastromancy - divination using sounds of the belly

Geloscopy - divination by means of laughter

Geomancy - divination using earth, rocks, or sand sometimes by casting earth onto a surface usually using figures or lines

Grammatôndialegômancy - divination by alpha or syllabic boards and planchets

Graptomancy - divination by studying handwriting, in some cases determining a person's character by examining their handwriting

Gyromancy - divination by spinning around in circles to the point of falling from dizziness

Halomancy - divination using salt, in some cases by casting salt into a fire

Haruspiscopy - divination using the entrails of animals, one form is hepatoscopy, sometimes considered part of augury

Hematomancy, Hæmatomancy - divination using blood

Hemomancy, Hæmomancy - divination using drops of blood

Hepatoscopy - divination using the liver

Hidromancy - divination by sweat

Hieromancy - divination using the study of objects offered in sacrifice, sometimes by observing sacrificial remains or sacred things

Hippomancy - divination from horses features, movements and behaviours

Homeromancy - divination using verses of homer's writings, a type of bubliomancy

Hydromancy - divination using water scrying into water, pegomancy

Hypnomancy - divination using hypnotism

Ichneumonomancy - divination using the features, movement and/or behaviour of mongeese

Ichnomancy - divination by the observation of footprints.

Ichthyomancy - divination by the shape, color, heads or entrails of fishes

Iconomancy - divination by studying icons or images

Idolomancy - divination using idols, images, or figures

Iridomancy - divination by observation of the iris of the eye

Keraunomancy - divination using thunder

Knissomancy - divination using burning incense

Kolposamancy - divination by observation of female reproductive organs

Koniomancy - divination by observation of dust and other particles in the air

Kopomancy - divination using physical or mental exhaustion

Kuklomancy - divination by rounds or circles

Kymatomancy - divination by observation of waves and wave motion

Labiomancy - divination using lip reading

Lacedaemonimancy - divination by doing whatever it was those boys of Lacedaemonia did to make due sacrifice

Lampadomancy - divination by observation of the light of a candle, oil lamp or torch flame

Lecanomancy, Leconomacy, Licanomancy - divination by fluids (usually oil on water) in a dish

Lexicamancy - divination using coded correlations to the words of a language

Libanomancy - divination by watching incense smoke

Lithomancy - divination by stones or meteorites

Livanomancy - divination by burning frankincense

Logarithomancy - divination by logarithms or algorithms

Logomancy - divination using words

Lychnomancy - divination using flames of three wax candles

Machæromancy - divination using blades

Macromancy - divination using large objects

Maculomancy - divination using spots

Margaritomancy - divination using pearls

Mathemancy - divination by counting

Meconomancy - divination using sleep

Metagnomy - divination by seeing future events in a hypnotic trance

Meteormancy - divination using shooting stars and meteors, a type of aeromancy

Metopomancy - divination using the forehead or face, or the lines thereon

Micromancy - divination using small objects

Moleoscopy - divination using observation of moles on the body

Molybdomancy - divination using lead, in some cases molten tin or lead

Moronomancy - divination by observation of nonsense or foolish people's behaviour.

Morphomancy - divination using the changing of shapes

Myomancy - divination by the color and movement of mice

Mysomancy - divination utilizing covering onself with dirt or mud

Narcomancy - divination using sleep

Necromancy - divination utilizing communication with the dead

Necyomancy - divination by summoning satan, one assumes the Abramic one

Nephoseidomancy - divination using shapes of clouds, cloud herding, rain making

Neterutepramancy - divination using oracles, or oracular gifts

Nomancy - divination by examining letters of name

Novocentomancy - divination by calling '1-900' numbers for TV psychics

Numenomancy - divination using noncorporeal emanations from persons, places or things

Numerology - divination with numbers often primarily to determine overall personality traits and life essences

Numeromancy - divination using numbers

Oculomancy - divination by inspection of the eye

Odontomancy - divination using teeth

Oenomancy - divination by studying the appearance of and patterns made by wine

Ololygmancy - divination using the howling of dogs

Omoplatoscopy - divination by observing cracks in burning scapulae

Omphalomancy - divination from the knots in the umbilical cord

Omphilomancy - divination using observation of the navel

Oneiromancy - divination by or interpretation of dreams

Onomancy - divination using a donkey or ass

Onomatomancy - divination by sounds in a name or of the letters therein

Onychomancy - divination using observation of the nails

Oomancy - divination using eggs, in some cases divination of the future sex of a child by incubating a hen's egg between the breasts of the mother to be

Ophidiomancy - divination by observing the features and/or behaviour of snakes

Oreomancy - divination by separating oreo cookies

Oriental Astrology - divination based on a 12 year cycle, involving 12 animals, but is not based on the movement of the stars or planets

Ornithomancy - divination using the observation of the flight of birds and/or feeding patterns of birds

Orthoskosmeômancy - divination using Feng shui

Oryctomancy - divination using excavated objects

Ossomancy - divination using bones

Osteomancy - divination using bones

Ouranomancy - divination using the heavens

Pallomancy - divination using the pendulum, in some cases a form of radiesthesia

Palmistry - divination using the palm of the hand

PanClairEsthesiancedivination by receiving sensations from combinations of the traditional five senses and others, outside one's normal range of such perception, ordinarily from the future, but also may be from the past or at a distance in the present. One of the Gifts or Persuasions that allows an Individual to perceive motion outside normal or even extraordinary range

Pantomancy - divination using anything and everything, ordinarily used sarcastically from the ancient Greek pantos of everything, genitive of pas all

Papyromancy - divination using Papyrus

Pedomancy - divination by examining the soles of the feet and the lines on the soles of the feet

Pegomancy - divination using a sacred pool, fountain or spring, particularly by the bubbles, a form of hydromancy

Pessomancy - divination using pebbles or beans, in some cases marked pebbles drawn out of a bag or cast, also called psephomancy, a form of sortilege

Phallomancy - divination by observation of male reproductive organs

Phrenology - divination using bumps on the head

Phyllomancy - divination using leaves

Phyllorhodomancy - divination of luck in love by clapping rose petals against the palm and noting the sounds made

Phylloromancy - divination by the face and/or from the general appearance

Physiognomancy - divination by studying the face and/or facial features

Pneumancy - divination by blowing, of candles, etc. (still practiced today with birthday cakes)

Podomancy - divination using the feet

Pronoeômancy - divination by psychic impressions

Psephomancy - divination using cast or drawn pebbles, lots or markers by drawing from a pile, in some cases by a chicken, a type of sortilege

Psuchôpaiônomancy - divination using Shamanic methodology

Psychomancy - divination by entity's souls, spirits, affections, wills, religious or moral dispositions, in some cases noncorporeal beings

Psychometry - divination by holding or touching an object that was once in contact with the subject of the divination

Pyromancy - divination using fire

Pyroscopy - divination by burning a sheet of paper on a white surface and examining the resulting stains

Qimancy - divination using Feng Shui

Radiesthesia - divination using a pendulum, also the natural swinging of the rods in Dowsing or Rhabdomancy

Retromancy - divination by looking over one's shoulder

Rhabdomancy - divination, dowsing involves using some stick, rod or other device to locate things underground

Rhapsodomancy - divination using works of poetry, often by opening them at random, a form of bubliomancy

Roadomancy - divination using the stars

Scapulimancy - divination using an animal's shoulder blade

Scapulomancy - divination using the patterns, cracks and/or fissures on the burned shoulder blade of an animal

Scarpomancy - divination by observation of shoes

Scatomancy - divination by studying excrement

Schematomancy - divination using the human form

Sciomancy - divination by using shadows, in some cases the shades of the dead

Scrying - divination by gazing onto a reflective surface

Selenomancy - divination by studying the moon

Siderealomancy - divination using stars with particular attention to constellations and nebulae, and the circuit of the Sun at a temporal referent

Sideromancy - divination using straws, in some cases by casting an odd number of straws onto iron in a fire, which would be a form of pyromancy

Sigôsumbolomancy - divination using the casting or drawing of stones with a particular type of symbolic marking on them such as Runes, symbols of an ancient Nordic and/or Celtic alphabet

Sortilege - divination by casting or drawing of lots, which may be alike or different, and may be marked with numbers, letters and/or symbols

Spasmatomancy - divination by twitching or convulsions of the body or the observation of such in others

Spatilomancy - divination using skin, bone or excrement

Spheromancy - divination using a sphere, in some cases a crystal ball

Sphexomancy - divination by means of wasps

Spodomancy - divination by means of ashes

Stareomancy - divination using the elements

Stazôanthomancy - divination by dropping flowers or petals from flowers into water, in one special case dropping commingled lotus and papyrus petals

Stercomancy - divination by studying seeds in excrement

Sternomancy - divination using observation and interpretation of a line from the breast to the belly

Stichomancy - divination by picking lines or passages from books at random

Stolisomancy - divination by observing how one dresses oneself

Sycomancy - divination using figs and/or fig leaves

Tasseomancy - divination involving the reading of tea leaves

Tephromancy - divination using observation of ashes, particularly of burnt offerings left in sacrifice

Theomancy - divination using communication with the divine

Theriomancy - divination by noting the movements of animals

Thrioboly - divination using pebbles

Thumomancy - divination by means of one's own soul

Topomancy - divination using landforms

Trigônomancy - divination using triangles

Trochomancy - divination by studying wheel tracks

Tuphramancy - divination by ashes

Tyromancy - divination using cheese

Uranomancy - divination by studying the heavens

Xenomancy - divination by observing strangers

Xylokoreômancy - divination using the examination of wood found in one's path as it lay naturally

Xylomancy - divination by observing the patterns of tossed sticks

Zoomancy - divination using the observation of the appearance and behavior of any animal

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