Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive, Big

Reconstituted Ægyptian
(and what it means to us)

Leaving aside for the moment our innate attraction to all things from the Ægptian Ancien Milieu, the fact appears to be that the Hieroglyphic system of notation would most easily adapt to our stated goals of constructing or reconstructing Language and Language tools which will provide an effective means of constructing what we would call N'ta, or components of Ritual Celebration which we would like to use in our Circles, Werks and other functions. This Codex of N'ta obviously would have both spoken and written parts. The idea of the spoken portions is to have words where the sounds of the words correspond in some manner to their meaning, whether one chooses to look at this as a vibrational correspondence and/or intuitive and/or in some other manner. The crucial element to the written portion of this equation is that the phonetic element would have a distinct symbol for each of the possible sounds, rather than symbols which may be pronounced in several or many ways. The attraction of the Hieroglyphics to fulfill the written form requirements, especially in their earliest purest forms (PreUnification of Upper and Lower Egypt, if you will) is obvious, the Hieroglyphs speak to humanity still, looking upon them produces certain reactions in almost all people, there is a communication from them that goes beyond simple written communication, in part due to the unavoidable archetypal connotations. We are also including some whole word glyphs that we have deemed useful for our purposes, based simply on our subjective evaluation of their conceptual importance. We are continuing the convention of pronouncing them as whole words in and of themselves when appearing with a single vertical stroke beneath them.


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