Garden of Life
introduction to recommendations of Cultural Works


As an introduction to our recommendations of Cultural Works,

Poetry to be Heard,
Books to be Read,
Art to View and/or Communicate with,
Music by which to be Enveloped,
Dance to be Experienced,
Theatre, Film and Video to be Absorbed.

We would like to make a few general observations:

About Poetry, Listen to It

About Books, Read Them

About Art, View It and Communicate with It

About Music, Immerse Yourself in It

About Dance, Experience It

About Theatre, Film and Video, Absorb It


Not just these bare few items on our list, but All of it.

Beyond that, we submit the notion that it is a good thing to expose yourself to Ideas outside your normal framework. Indeed such activities may be the ultimate Growth Tool. We're not recommending total agreement with all or any of these Works. Certainly it would be impossible to agree totally with all of them, they represent too many Currents of Thought in the vast Ocean of Human Consciousness. But you can't Strengthen anything without subjecting it to Exercise, or Stimulation.

Cultural Works Recommended by Garden of Life for Perusal
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