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Perhaps for the first time since they burned the Great Library at Alexandria, the true beauty that Western Civilization can be, is becoming apparent and beginning to show signs of flourishing. True, this process started with the Enlightenment and Renaissance, when Western Civilization broke the death hold of over a thousand years of stultification, but with the easy availability of the information on the Internet, the speed of transformation will increase exponentially. Eastern Civilization did not lose it's momentum and continuity in the same manner (although we do not minimize the difficulties that it has had), and now that Western Civilization is well into the rebuilding and proceeding process, the day is nearer where East and West will create a truly Human Civilization for emergence from this Womb of the Mother: Earth. The East and West always had different parts of the various puzzles, and perhaps eventually it will seem that we in the West were only, ummm.... distracted for a while. A thousand years from now, or two or three, possibly True Humans will look back at this era as their beginning. Out of Pandora's now uncloseable Box are issuing torrents of Information with which persons may develop knowledge, understanding, wisdom, community, individuation, confusion and total sillyness, in short: a viable Human Civilization. Unlike it's technological predecessors, the World Wide Web is not a spectator venue, but is an experiential venue, encouraging participation and learning. It is possible to abuse it certainly, all enormous powers are potentials, and may be used for Creative or Destructive ends. It is no substitute for face-to-face human interaction, but it may prove to be to such activity, a symbiote nonpareil. In line with these thoughts, we encourage those Individuals interested, to get as involved and creative as possible, to which end we will post here only materials that we have found to be: amazingly helpful.


CGI for Commerce: A Complete Web-Based Selling Solution . . . . . . . Gunther Birznieks, Selena Sol (Contributor), et al

CGI How-To: The Definitive CGI Scripting Problem-Solver . . . . . . . Stephen Asbury, et al

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