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Disclaimer the First:
These are links to sites where we have found information that we have found helpful in our research efforts. Like everything else on the Internet, or in the Consensus Reality for that matter, it is required that one uses one's own judgement as to the accuracy and/or usefulness of the information contained on these sites. As the Erisians would say (to paraphrase) "If a monkey looks into the Internet, no Sage looks out". These web site links are listed as a convenience to our members and visitors. If you use these links, we take no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content, accuracy or continued existence of these third-party sites.

Disclaimer the Second:
We have attempted to divide the Links into Categories. None of these Categories are concrete, if they help with navigation or location of particular information, then they will have fulfilled their purpose. Many of the links should slip and slide between the pages, if they were to accurately reflect their natures, this has not been possible to this point. Such is the fate of Linearity in a Wholistic Cosmos.

Disclaimer the Third:
We are in the process of updating this section and should be finished by Vergo 11371 (19~23 August 2005ev), you will notice though, two things (at least): First some of our categories (and subcategories) are not fleshed out with a reasonable clump of links; Second, we have kept some dead links as we have not given up searching for new postings of those sites. Feel free to assist with either of these unfortunate situations, by eMailing us suggestions of either additions or revelations of the current URLs for any of our missing links (so to speak) at This is an all volunteer effort, so we may not be quick, but if you send us new info, we will get it updated.

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