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Designated Donations Form
This is a one time Donation form for a specific donation.
Our acceptance of Credit Cards and eChecks via the internet is still in process,
but should be up and running soon. Until then we are tied to Snail Mail for actual money transactions:
Garden of Life - P. O. Box 610547 - Dallas, TX 75261-0547

The Year of the Lady 11368, Ak'kweHostus (or ~Late January/Early February 2003 ev) Revision

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ArtemisSelenHek'kata in

per Monthly Lunar Cycle
per Annual Solar Cycle
or per Gaean Cycle - Specify:

Designated Thusly:

Formalizing/Founding Assembly General Fund %

Council of Elder Officiants General Fund %
Sitting Members' Fund %
Æδкüяä's Fund %
Constative Utterance of Opinion Fund %
Position Papers Fund %
Meetings Fund %
CoEO' Ephor Kata Nomon's Fund %
Vizier to the CoEO's Fund %
Empathic Counselor to the CoEO's Fund %
Mistress/Master of Protocol to the CoEO's Fund %
CoEO' Chroniclor's Fund %
CoEO' Graphosin Fund %
CoEO' Archivist's Fund %
CoEO' Publications Director's Fund %
CoEO' Therasin's Fund %
CoEO' Axiomaticist's Fund %
Æŋ'ġêŁōñş' Fund %
Secular Interface Officers's Fund %
ExOfficio Adjunct's Fund %
's Fund %
Conceptual Consensus Committees' Fund %
Executive Committees' Fund %
Documents Committee's Fund %
Nominating Committees' Fund %
Other Council of Elder Officiants Funds
- Specify: %

The Body of Catalytic Officiants General Fund %
Arkon of the Body of Catalytic Officiants Fund %
HeiloKoros Fund %

Arkon of the Heilokoros Fund %
En'urjeea'eapaeooaKoros Fund %

Arkon of the En'urjeea'eapaeooaKoros Fund %
K'netoKoros Fund %

Arkon of the K'netoKoros Fund %
OojeoocaKoros Fund %

Arkon of the OojeoocaKoros Fund %
Doran'pelthoKoros Fund %

Arkon of the Doran'pelthoKoros Fund %
Other Body of Catalytic Officiants Funds
- Specify: %

The Body of Assisting Officiants General Fund %
Arkon of the Body of Assisting Officiants Fund %
Other Body of Assisting Officiants Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Archives General Fund %
Main Temple Files Fund %
Principal Archivist's Fund %
Garden of Life Graphosins Office Fund %
Chroniclor's Fund %
Garden of Life Official Temple Newsletter Fund %
Records Secretary's Fund %
Remembrancing Fund %
Other Office of the Archives Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Membership Secretariate General Fund %
Whole Membership Record Maintenance Fund %
Secretary of Membership's Fund %
Garden of Life Communications Office Fund %
Membership Meetings Fund %
Other Membership Secretariate Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Temple Treasury and Finance General Fund %
Chief Financial Officer's Fund %
Computing, Tracking and Publishing Records Fund %
Garden of Life Theaerasins Office Fund %
Fund Raising Projects Fund %
Particular Fund Raising Project Enactment Funds
- Specify: %
Other Temple Treasury and Finance Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Internal/Eternal Revolution General Fund %
Office of the Beloved of Eris Fund %
The Hosts of Revolution Fund %
Other Internal/Eternal Revolution Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Lands and Buildings General Fund %
Land Acquisition Fund %
Building and Landscape Design Fund %

Arkonof the Office of Lands and Buildings Fund %
Celebratory Site Procurement Fund %
Other Lands and Buildings Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Calendrical Secretariate General Fund %
Gaean Celebratory Planning Committee Fund %
Chief Calendrical Secretary's Fund %
Fallow (Bridgit or Oimelc) Celebration Fund %
Seed Blessing (Mar'rean or Lady Day) Celebration Fund %
Nascence (Frigga or Beltaine) Celebration Fund %
Vigor (Ar'reanrhod or Lughnassad) Celebration Fund %
Harvest (Hekkata or Samhain) Celebration Fund %
Solar Celebratory Planning Committee Fund %
Vernal Equinox Celebration Fund %
MidSummer's Eve & Summer Solstice Celebration Fund %
Autumnal Equinox Celebration Fund %
MidWinter's Eve & Winter Solstice Celebration Fund %
Perpetual Lunar Cycle Celebratory Planning Committee Fund %
Other Particular Celebratory Planning Committee Funds
- Specify: %
General Celebratory Planning Committee Fund %
Electronic Calendar Fund %
Other Calendrical Secretariate Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Library General Fund %
Chief Librarian's Fund %
Library Physical Plant Fund %
Bound Material Acquisition Fund %
Audio/Visual Acquisition Fund %
Art Acquisition Fund %
Electronic Media Acquisition Fund %
Internet Access & Utilization Fund %
Particular Library item Acquisition Fund
- Specify: %
Other Office of the Library Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Sacramental Objects General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Sacramental Objects Fund %
Sacramental Object Maintenance Fund %
Ephemeral Sacramental Object [Incense, Flowers, Communion Items, and so forth] Fund %
Vestment Creation & Maintenance Fund %
Lendable Vestment Creation & Care Fund %
Cadeau Boutique de l'Esprit/Temple Gift Shop Fund %
Particular Sacramental Object Creation Fund
- Specify: %
Other Office of Sacramental Objects Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Publications General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Publications Fund %
Garden of Life Literature Typesetting and Printing Fund %
Production Equipment and Expenses Fund %
Garden of Life Web Master's Office Fund %
Traditional Publication Facility (Anart) Expense Fund %
Official Temple Newsletter Publication Fund %
Other Office of Publications Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Accreditation General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Accreditation Fund %
Individual & Household type Celebrations Accreditation Production Fund %
Ordination & Initiations Accreditation Production Fund %
Charter, Affiliation & Liaison Accreditation Production Fund %
Credentials Accreditation Production Fund %
Avatar and/or Works Recognition Accreditation Production Fund %
External Literary Accreditation Production Fund %
Æsthetic and Sentient Works Accreditation Production Fund %
Activities Accreditation Production Fund %
Other Specific Accreditation Function Production Funds
- Specify: %
Other Accreditation Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Affiliation General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Affiliation Fund %
Specific Affiliation Processes Fund
- Specify: %
Other Affiliation Effectuation Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Research and Development General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Research and Development Fund %
N'ta, Forms and Techniques Development Project Fund %
Æsthetics Projects Fund %
Art Projects Fund %
Consciousness Projects Fund %
Correspondences Projects Fund %
Table of Correspondences Projects Fund %
Craft Projects Fund %
Desire Projects Fund %
Ecstatic State Projects Fund %
Knowledge Transference Projects Fund %
Creative Religion Curriculum Projects Fund %
Language Projects Fund %
Chant Development Projects Fund %
Sacred Language Projects Fund %
Magick Projects Fund %
Orientation Curriculum Projects Fund %
Philosophy Projects Fund %
Reference Projects Fund %
Science Projects Fund %
Sentience Projects Fund %
Technology Projects Fund %
Wholistic Experience-BodyMindSpirit Projects Fund %
Experiential Ritual Celebratory Cycles Development Projects Fund %
Other Research and Development Particular Project Fund
- Specify: %
Other Research and Development Particular Type Research Fund
- Specify: %
Other Office of Research and Development Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Wellness General Fund %
Arkonof the Office of Wellness Fund %
Garden of Life Empathic Counselor's Office Fund %
Garden of Life General Counseling Office Fund %
Abandon Alternative Community Activities Center Fund %
Other Office of Wellness Funds
- Specify: %

Office of the Protectorate of The Mother General Fund %
Director of the Protectorate of The Mother Fund %
The'anod'di Fund %
Specific The'eanad'das Fund
- Specify: %
Other Protectorate of The Mother Funds
- Specify: %

Office of Public Relations General Fund %
Director of the Office of Public Relations Fund %
Other Office of Public Relations Funds
- Specify: %

Glades, Orders and Enclaves General Fund %
Glade: Meri en Heh's Fund %
Glade: Cabal of the Indelible Smudge Fund %
Other Glades, Orders and Enclaves Funds
- Specify: %

Non-Local Garden of Life Assemblies General Fund %
Other Non-Local Garden of Life Assemblies Funds
- Specify: %

Individual's Werkings and/or Projects General Fund %
Other Individual's Werkings and/or Projects Funds
- Specify: %

Garden of Life Guilds General Fund %
Other Garden of Life Guilds Funds
- Specify: %

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