Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive
Rose Recension Correspondences Codex

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Copyrights to all original material on the Garden of Life Website, including but not limited to the Correspondences sections are held by Garden of Life, a non-profit religious organization dating from the early 1970's, and the individuals who originated or cooperated in the creation of various parts of the intellectual properties so contained. Garden of Life may be corresponded with at either of two addressses: P. O. Box 610547, Dallas, TX 75261-0547 or P. O. Box 25007, Seattle, WA 98165-1907. Correspondence, like all Garden of Life efforts is done on a volunteer basis by members and may take some time for response.

The purpose of the Garden of Life Rose Recension Correspondences and its related works is to become a contributing work for both individual and group pathworking towards conscious spiritual evolution within a Pagan context. There is no attempt to reproduce spiritual systems as they existed in the past, but rather to use information and components from Humanities root traditions to construct viable tools for current and future spiritual development. The work will never be completed, and indeed cannot even be seriously considered started until after the release of the first version so as to attempt to stimulate contribution from members of other Pagan Traditions to build as complete and accurate a framework as possible.

Acknowledgements of specific contributions to this work will be posted here as accurately as possible.

The Werk that slowly evolved into the Garden of Life Recension of the Rose Correspondences Codex began in Year of the Lady 11338 (Spring 1972ev thru Winter 1973ev) with researches at the Dallas Public Library and within our personal libraries developing a simple list of correspondences associated with the octofold pattern of Pagan High Holydays. Most of this research was done by Linda S. Jack née McFall and Michael Doubet.

The ideas for the Garden of Life Tarot written descriptions originate from several extended sessions of work by Care Blakeslee Lengel and Michael Doubet working from metaphysical work over thirty plus years in this life cycle as well as memories related to perceptions of past life memories.

The Garden of Life Recension of the Ægyptian Negative Confessions or "I Have Nots", began with approximately eighteen months of work putting together the first Garden of Life Croning by Charles Shealy and Michael Doubet culminating in the Winter of the Year of the Lady, 11367, that original reworking (version 01) is posted here. About Spring 11370, Edward Wenzer and Noelle became interested in the project and reworked it as well as making suggestions about further reworkings. That first reworking is posted here. It has been passed back and forth several times between Edward Wenzer and Michael Doubet. As of the Fall of 11373, version 7a is the one posted here in the Tables, as well as at the top of the Special Characteristics Detailing.

Working the rows in any form becomes a type of pathworking in and of itself.

The avian row was worked in the summer of 11373 by Pfarmer Smith Lengel, Care Blakeslee Lengel, and Michael Doubet.

The Mythopoetic Entity row and the mammal row were worked in the fall of 11371 by Charles Shealy and Michael Doubet.



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