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Mentation, Thought, Discernment

In a fivefold paradigm, the Element called Air intimates many things: this Universe, Thought, Internal Reality, Abstract Reality, and Subjective Reality. (May You Soar.)

Air is the Breath of Life, that which makes Life possible on this Planet. Air is inexorably related to Thought, our intellects, the mind, and all mental processes and abilities. Air is psychic abilities, learning, knowledge and theory. The nature of Air is to provide a Jumping Off Place, a platform of Knowledge from which we grasp for Enlightenment. Air embodies the arena of Gnosis in which we strive to become ourselves. Air seems insubstantial yet also is irresistible in force. There is a transitional quality to Air; in some senses Air is the subtle material realm which exists between various physical and spiritual planes, partaking of both Natures. Air is the indispensable element through which we activate all our senses, particularly Sight. And Sight is the sense of this Element. At some basic level, Air is freshness; there is little more precious than fresh air. A whole cadre of human responses relate to the Archetype of Freshness, Spring, Maidenhood and Youth. The oxygen in our particular gaseous mix that we call "the atmosphere" enables the "Hidden Germ Ally" of the Ægyptians (or Mitochondria as we are more familiar with calling them) to make our multi-cellular life-forms possible. Humans require Air, and Humans need fresh Air to function at our best.

Etymologically, the Greek word for Spirit, "Pneuma," and for Soul, "Psyche," both relate to the root word for breath. Similarly, the Sanskrit "Prana" and Chinese "Chi" imply the life-giving and life-enhancing force that enters the body with the breath. The Sanatana Dharma Goddess, Shakti is the personification of that universal life breath force. Greek Prometheus breathes life into his Humans made from dust, as does Ægyptian Khemnu into his People formed on the Potter's Wheel out of the Nile's Clay.

Air as an element, resonates with the Seeking entity, and the Adept. Air symbolizes the state of SuperConsciousness. In an Ægyptian parts of Being system, the Ba, the Ren, the HeruUr or Banner Name primarily represent Air. Air is the Weak Nuclear Force, the Gaseous State, Height, Depth, Space, and the Unseen Force.

Some Traditions relate Air to the South, the Notos Wind, or the Auster Wind. Other Traditions relate Air to the East. In other Teachings, the Golden Path, the Rainbow Bridge, and the Peacock Gate are spoken of. Air is Linear Thinking. Air is the Nation. Air is Dawn and the Morning. In the Pancha Tatwa system of Sanatana Dharma, Air holds the place of Vayu, the Blue Circle. In the Garden of Life Tarot, Air is reflected in Atu 1, called the Magi, Atu 2, called the High Priestess, and the entire suite of Blades.

Dimension: Height and Depth
Component of Cosmos: this Universe, Thought, Internal Reality, Abstract Reality, and Subjective Reality.
Agathon: May You Soar.
Principal Path: The Golden Path
Fulcrum: The Hyacinth Throne
Primary Ingress Point: The Rainbow Bridge, The Peacock Gate
FiveFold Enigma of the Sphinx: To Keep Silent
Mode of Approach: The Evolving Model
Essential Weapon: The Dual Boleadora
Warding Emblems: The Feathered Helment, Golden Armor
Gender: Masculine
Direction: South
Wind: Notos, Auster
Energy: Projective
Rulership of: Flight, Moving, Freshness, Intelligence, Suspension.
Attributes: Thinking, Reading, Studying, Communicating, Meditating, Singing, Research
DisIncarnate Entity Attributes: Suspension
Forces: WeakNuclear
SubAtomic Particles and other Building Blocks:  
Calamitous Forces: Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tornados
Symbols: Circle, Smoke, Bell,
Symbols in Nature: Sky, Wind, Breezes, Clouds, Breath, Feathers
Types of Time: Sunrise, Dawn
Season or Annual Period: Spring, Time of Freshness
Goddess Aspect: Maiden
Goddesses: Aradia, Arianrhod, Cardea, Nuit, Urania
God Aspect:  
Gods: Enlil, Kheoheva, Merawrim, Shu, Thoth
GynoAndrous Deity Aspect:  
Denizens of the Borderlands: Sylphs, Zephyrs, Fairies Who Inhabit the World of Trees, Flowers and Winds.
MythoPoetic Entities:  
Heroines and Heros:  
LifeCycle Mysteries:  
Section of LifeCycle: Infancy
Primary Approach to Existence: Mental
Sentient Faculties or Attributes:  
Types of Individual:  
Tribal Component Characteristics:  
Human Digits: Little Fingers & Little Toes
Quintile of Human Form: Wedge containing the Less Used Arm & Hand
Animals: Birds, especially Eagle, Hawk, Ravens; Spiders, Winged Insects.
Plant Part: Leaves, Foliage
Trees: Aspen, Pine,
Plants other than Trees: Frankincense, Myrrh, Broom, Clover, Eyebright, Pansy, Primrose, Vervain, Dill, Lavender
Herbs: Viusally of delicate or "Airy" structure, Finely-veined, or Wind-swept; Generally Leaves and Stems of any Herb.
Stones & Jewels:  
Cosmic Neighborhood Components:  
Planetary Environmental Types: Wind-swept Plains,
Places: High Towers, Tree Tops, Bluffs, Airplanes, Cloudy Skies, Windy Beaches, High Towers, Airports, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Offices, Travel Agencies, Psychiatrist Offices.
Practitionors: Adepts
Type of Mægik: Divination, Concentration, Visualization, Wind Magick,
Salutation N'ta: We make our Altar to the South, that Our Eyes may be Open and We may Behold the Mysteries
Ritual Work:  
Mægikal Tools: Blades, Athamés, Swords, Censers, Bows and Arrows, Quivers, Arrows, Fans
Ægyptian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sumerian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sanatana Dharma Concepts and/or Artifacts: Vayu: Vyana (circulation)
Chinese Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Keltic, Tuatha dé Danaan, and other Old European Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Astrological Components: The Western Tropical Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Astrological Houses and Rulers:  
Garden of Life Tarot Components: Atu 1 Magi, Atu 2 the High Priestess, Atu or ε Gnosos, and the entire Suite of Blades
Pancha Tattvas: Vayu (Gas) (Blue Circle) One of the tattvas; the tangiferous ether. In the Trikona, Vayu Tattva or Air signs Kama aspect predominant
Chakra or Chakras: Ajna - Pineal, Knowledge and Inspirational Chakra,
and Vishuddha - Throat and Communication Chakra
Pentagram Point: Upper left point of Pentagram
Erisian Apple Throw:  
General Sentient Components:  
Ægyptian Sentient Components: The Ba, The Ren, The HeruUr Name
Types of Consciousness: SuperConsciousness State Consciousness
Social Unit: Nation
Physical Body Parts and Systems:  
Sense or Perception Mode: Vision
Types of Thinking: Linear Thinking
Endeavor and Activities:  
Virtues: Gregarious, Diligent, Optimistic, Dexterity, Joie-de-vivre, Persuasive, Friendly, Healthy, Knowledgeable
Vices: Frivolity, Boasting, Absent Mindedness, Rootlessness, Easily Distracted, Loquacious, Tends to Intellectualize Emotions (Rather than Experience Them)
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Lack of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Mind Blank, Shortness of Breath, Non-comprehension of Known Data
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Preponderance of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Inability to Focus Attention, "Spacey" Thoughts, tendency to "Gas Bloat"
Type of Ætheric Processes:  
Type of Audeal Processes:  
English Words:  
Musical Instruments: Flute, All Winded Instruments, Chimes,
Type of Visual Processes:  
Colours: All Pastels particularly Blue and Yellow ones
Type of Oloreal Processes:  
Incense: Galbanum, Frankincense,
Type of Gustoreal Processes:  
Type of Tactile Processes:  
Type of Kinetic Processes:  
Simple Tools: Pinwheel, Pulley

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