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Physical Manifestation, Existence, Matter, Manifestation, Incarnation, Fertile, Stabilizing, Grounding. Gravity is a Manifestation of this Element

In a fivefold paradigm, the Element called Earth intimates many things: our Birth Planet, the Womb, Physical Manifestation and Existence, Consensus Reality, Inter and Intra-Dependent Reality, and Durative Reality, perhaps best captured in the Dream of Durative Ægypt. (May You Nuzzle the Breast of the Mother.)

Earth is Manifestation; Earth is Existence. Earth is Matter, Energy condensed, as we now know, to appear solid. Earth is Solid. Touch is the sense of this element. Earth is all Elements of scientific notation, from the lightest of gases to the impossibly heavy ones, which sprang from the Hearts of dying Stars: Earth is Stardust . . . without which we would not be possible. For Humans, Animals, and Plants, the corporeal state of Flesh is the embodiment of Earth. Earth is feminine; Earth speaks of the Mother. Earth is the Changing Woman, the Woman who Changes not Forever, the Creatrix. Earth is stability and growth, transcending paradox. Earth is the Record-Keeper, the Archivor, of all the elements only Earth keeps physical records that all can read in rock strata and fossils of Her story of Life. The Heart of the Mother Goddess is enormous, simultaneously distant in the core of the planet and so close that we can "press the grass apart, and lay our hands" on Her Heart.

Humans need Earth to grow food for ourselves and for our flocks and to build our dwellings and civilizations upon. Earth is the Foundation, the base upon which all things may be built. Of Magickal practitionors, the Alchemists give Earth primary metaphorical position, from the beginning at prima materia to the result of Philosopher's Stone. The Path of Earth rotates between Light and Dark, Warm and Cold, Wet and Dry, and encompasses everything in between. The Sun-drenched plateaus at the top of the World and deepest, darkest Caverns all hold the Gift of Life from the Mother. Earth denies nothing.

Earth as an element resonates with the Nurturing entity, the Care-Giver and the Elder. It symbolizes the Normal Waking State of consciousness. In an Ægyptian parts of Being system, the Oo'Wast, the Sohu, and the Khat primarily represent Earth. Earth is Gravity. Earth is the Solid State, Normal Perpendicular Force, Contact Force, Volume, Mass, Breadth, Width, Matter, and the Immovable Object.

Many Traditions relate Earth to the North, the Boreos Wind, and the Aequilo Wind. In other Teachings the Emerald Path and the Turquoise Door are spoken of. Earth is Instinctual Thinking, Ancestral Thinking, and Tribal Thinking. Earth is the Individual. Earth is MidNight and Night. In the Pancha Tatwa system of Sanatana Dharma, Earth holds the place of Prithvi, the Yellow Square. In the Garden of Life Tarot, Earth is reflected in Atu 3, called the Empress, Atu 21, called the Universe, and the entire suite of Discs.

Dimension: Breadth and Width, Mass
Component of Cosmos: this Planet, Consensus Reality, Inter and Intra-Dependent Reality, and Durative Reality, perhaps best captured in the Dream of Durative Ægypt.
Agathon: May You Nuzzle the Breast of the Mother.
Principal Path: The Emerald Path
Fulcrum: The Verdant Throne
Primary Ingress Point: The Turquoise Door
FiveFold Enigma of the Sphinx: To Sensate
Mode of Approach: The Sowing Field
Essential Weapon: The Flail Ball Mace
Warding Emblems: The Fur Helmet, Emerald Armor
Gender: Feminine
Direction: North - the Place of Greatest Darkness
Wind: Boreas, Aequilō
Energy: Receptive
Rulership of: Birth & Death, Law Principle, Solidity, the Body, Growth, Nature, Stones & Metals, Material Things, Caves, Chasms, Silence, Graves, Fields, Sensation; Sanguinity; Calm, Imperturbableness
Attributes: Responsible, Practical, Organized, Steady, and Grounded
DisIncarnate Entity Attributes: Planular Interception
Forces: Gravity, CropCircles
SubAtomic Particles and other Building Blocks:  
Calamitous Forces: Earthquakes, Landslides
Symbols: Square, Spindle, Scythe,
Symbols in Nature: Salt, Clay Dish of Fresh Soil, Rocks, Sheaves of Wheat, Acorns
Types of Time: Midnight, Night
Season or Annual Period: Winter - the Fallow Time
Goddess Aspect: Crone
Goddesses: Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephthys, Persephone, Prithivi, Rhea, Rhiannon
God Aspect:  
Gods: Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Geb, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz
GynoAndrous Deity Aspect:  
Denizens of the Borderlands: Gnomes, Dwarfs, Trolls
MythoPoetic Entities:  
Heroines and Heros:  
LifeCycle Mysteries:  
Section of LifeCycle: Advanced Age
Primary Approach to Existence: Physical
Sentient Faculties or Attributes:  
Types of Individual:  
Tribal Component Characteristics: Middle Fingers & Middle Toes
Human Digits: Wedge containing the Leg and Foot most used for stability and anchoring
Quintile of Human Form:  
Plant Part: Roots
Trees: Oak
Plants other than Trees:  
Stones & Jewels:  
Metals: Iron, Lead
Cosmic Neighborhood Components:  
Planetary Environmental Types: Caves, Canyons, Forests, Groves, Valleys, Holes, Chasms
Places: Fields, Farms, Gardens, Parks, Plant Nurseries, Farmer's Markets, Kitchens, Baby Nurseries, Basements, Mines,
Practitionors: Seers, Sybils, Pythonesses
Type of Mægik:  
Salutation N'ta: We make our Altar to the North, that by This and Our Hearts We may be Known
Ritual Work:  
Mægikal Tools: Disc, Paten, Pantacle, Salt, Images, Stones, Gems
Ægyptian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sumerian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sanatana Dharma Concepts and/or Artifacts: Vayu: Apana (exhalation, downward or outward movement)
Chinese Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Keltic, Tuatha dé Danaan, and other Old European Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Astrological Components: The Western Tropical Zodiac Signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Astrological Houses and Rulers:  
Garden of Life Tarot Components: Atu 3 the Empress, Atu 15 the Shadow, Atu 21 the Cosmos, and the entire Suite of Discs
Pancha Tattvas: Prithivi, Prithvi (Solid) (Yellow Square) One of the five tattvas; the odoriferous ether. In the Trikona, Bhu Tattva or Earth sign Artha aspect predominant
Chakra or Chakras: Svadisthâna - Sexual and Creation Chakra,
Mûlâdhara - Base of Spine, Root and Essence Chakra
Pentagram Point: Lower left point of Pentagram
Erisian Apple Throw:  
General Sentient Components:  
Ægyptian Sentient Components: The Oo'wast, The Söhu, The Khat
Types of Consciousness: Normal Waking State Consciousness
Social Unit: Individual
Physical Body Parts and Systems:  
Sense or Perception Mode: Touch
Types of Thinking: Instinctual Thinking, Ancestral Thinking, and Tribal Thinking
Endeavor and Activities:  
Virtues: Strength, Endurance, Commitment, Responsibility, Thoroughness, Practicality, Wisdom, Patience, Sense of Timing
Vices: Dullness, Lack of Conscience, Melancholy, Boredom, Inertia, Stagnation, Hoarding of Resources (Including Information)
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Lack of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Spaceyness, Hyper-activity, Instability
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Preponderance of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Body Heaviness, Lethargy, General Lack of Energy, Inertia, Etc.
Type of Ætheric Processes:  
Type of Audeal Processes:  
English Words:  
Musical Instruments: Drums and Percussion
Type of Visual Processes:  
Type of Oloreal Processes:  
Type of Gustoreal Processes:  
Type of Tactile Processes:  
Type of Kinetic Processes:  
Simple Tools: Inclined Plane, Wedge, Screw

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