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Will, Passion, Choice, Chaos, Change, Will, Intuition, Purifying, Destructive, Cleansing,

In a fivefold paradigm, the Element called Fire intimates many things: this Star System, Will, Passion, Choice, Chaos, the Constant Flux Reality, of which Heraclitos spoke so eloquently, and Virtual Reality. (May You Taste the Ambrosia of the Immortals.)

Fire is the Great Changer. Fire is the Destroyer. Fire is Intent; Fire is the Way-Clearer. Fire is Passion, be it Sexual, (Sacred and/or Playful) or directed toward any of the myriad of other Human activities. Fire is Æsthetics, the understanding and appreciation of Beauty; however we each may see Her. Taste is the sense of this Element. Fire results from Lightning in the Trees, and it is a necessary part of the balanced Growth Cycle of our World's great forests. Fire clears so that we may start anew. We are "Fired Up" about that which captures our imagination, and we "Burn" for it with our Whole Beings, if we are lucky. Fire reflects the inner Flame of Divinity which burns in all Life and which can be made to Shine. Fire drives vitality, power, strength, ambition, courage, and defense. Fire is invigorating, motivating, and passionate. Gazing into Fires, we scry simulacra of ideas, pasts, futures, and dreams.

Humans need Fire for warmth and to prepare food for sustenance. We need Fire to ignite our passions, and to illuminate our dreams. Fire is Inspiration and a Way of Balance. For Fire to work well, it must have the perfect balance of Temperature, Fuel and Oxygen. The component pieces from which the Fire burns must be far enough apart to allow air flow and close enough to maintain the Fire; a precise placement is required for maximum effect. Another axis in the nature of Fire is Intensity, too much burns down the Forest, not enough fails to warm the body. Fire is the ever changing Present Moment.

Fire as an element resonates with the Trickster and the Trickster Teacher. Fire symbolizes the state of Dreamless Sleep or Constant Change of Consciousness. In an Ægyptian parts of Being system, the Mar'rer, the Khaibit, the Sha'Ke'e primarily represent Fire. Fire is the ElectroMagnetic Force, SubAtomic Dimensions, the Energy State, Velocity, Acceleration, Centrifugal Force, Plasma, and the Irresistible Force.

Some Traditions relate Fire to the East, and the Apeliotos Wind. Other Traditions relate Fire to the South. In other Teachings, the Ruby Path, and the Silver and Ivory Throne are spoken of. Fire is Intuitive Thinking, and Interpolative Thinking. Fire is the BeLoved and Lovers. Fire is Noon and MidDay. In the Pancha Tatwa system of Sanatana Dharma, Fire holds the place of Agni, the Red Triangle. In the Garden of Life Tarot, Fire is reflected in Atu 19, called the Sun, Atu 11, called Lust, and the entire suite of Rhods.

Dimension: Subatomic
Component of Cosmos: this Star System, the Constant Flux Reality (of which Heraclitos spoke so elegantly), and Virtual Reality.
Agathon: May You Taste the Ambrosia of the Immortals.
Principal Path: The Ruby Path
Fulcrum: The Platinum and Ivory Throne
Primary Ingress Point: The Waratah Cusp
FiveFold Enigma of the Sphinx: To Dare
Mode of Approach: The Wheel of Going
Essential Weapon: The Flame Thrower
Warding Emblems: The Ivory Helmet, Ruby Armor
Gender: Masculine
Direction: East - the place of the Rising Sun
Energy: Projective
Rulership of: Force, Light Principle, Action, Energy, Spiritedness, Blood, Will, Surgery, Destruction, Purification, Hearth Fires, Volcanoes, Explosions, Intuition; Liveliness
Processes: Passion, Energy and Power
Attributes: Quickness, Swiftness,
DisIncarnate Entity Attributes: Numinescence
Forces: ElectroMagnetic, Plasma
SubAtomic Particles and other Building Blocks:  
Calamitous Forces: Volcanic Eruptions
Symbols: Sun, Stars, Lava, Heat, Triangle, Flame,
Symbols in Nature: Lightning, Volcanoes,
Types of Time: Noon
Season or Annual Period: Summer- the Time of Heat
Goddess Aspect: Temptress
Goddesses: Brigit, Hestia, Pele, Vesta
God Aspect:  
Gods: Agni, Heru, Hephaestus, Prometheus, Vulcan
GynoAndrous Deity Aspect:  
Denizens of the Borderlands: Salamanders, Firedrakes
MythoPoetic Entities: Phoenix
Heroines and Heros:  
LifeCycle Mysteries:  
Section of LifeCycle: Youth
Primary Approach to Existence: Social
Sentient Faculties or Attributes:  
Types of Individual:  
Tribal Component Characteristics:  
Human Digits: Index Fingers & Toes next to Big Toes
Quintile of Human Form: Wedge containing the Most Used Arm & Hand
Animals: Reptiles
Plant Part: Flowers
Trees: Almond Tree (especially when in Flower_
Plants other than Trees:  
Stones & Jewels:  
Cosmic Neighborhood Components:  
Planetary Environmental Types: Deserts, Hot Springs, Volcanoes,
Places: Fireplaces, Fire Centered Places, Ovens, Kilns, Bedroom (For Sex), Weight Rooms, Locker Rooms, Saunas, Athletic Fields.
Practitionors: Tricksters and Trickster Teachers
Type of Mægik:  
Salutation N'ta: We make our Altar to the East, that We may Arouse True Will
Ritual Work:  
Mægikal Tools: Wands, Staffs, Rhods, Lamps or Candles, Burned Herbs, Scourges, Paper Requests by Burning
Ægyptian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sumerian Concepts and/or Artifacts: Golden BreastPlate, Pala Vestments, Anklets
Sanatana Dharma Concepts and/or Artifacts: Vayu: Samana (assimilation)
Chinese Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Keltic, Tuatha dé Danaan, and other Old European Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Astrological Components: The Western Tropical Zodiac Signs: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
Astrological Houses and Rulers:  
Garden of Life Tarot Components: Atu 4 the Emperor, Atu 5 the Priest, Atu 11 the Fire Dance, Atu 19 the Sun, and the entire Suite of Rhods
Pancha Tattvas: Agni ~ Fire (Energy) (red triangle). A name of the luminiferous ether, otherwise called the taijas tattva. In the Trikona, Agni Tattva or Fire signs Dharma aspect predominant
Chakra or Chakras: Anahata - Heart, Emotions and Central Chakra,
Manipûra - Solar Plexus, Personal Strength and Will Chakra,
Svadisthâna - Sexual and Creation Chakra
Pentagram Point: Lower right point of Pentagram
Erisian Apple Throw:  
General Sentient Components:  
Ægyptian Sentient Components: The Mar'rer, The Khaibit, The Sha'Ka'e
Types of Consciousness: Dreamless Sleep State Consciousness, Constant Change Consciousness
Social Unit: Lovers
Physical Body Parts and Systems:  
Sense or Perception Mode: Taste
Types of Thinking: Intuitive Thinking, and Interpolative Thinking
Endeavor and Activities:  
Virtues: Courageous, Self-Assertive, Chivalrous, Enthusiastic, Passionate, Experienced, Virile
Vices: Self-Centered, Ruthlessness, Fanaticism, Vindictiveness, Anger, Hatred
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Lack of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Body Heavy or Chilled, Thoughts Draggy, Unenthusiastic
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Preponderance of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Hot, Hyper, Flitting Thoughts, Insomnia, Anger, Snappishness
Type of Ætheric Processes:  
Type of Audeal Processes:  
English Words: Feel, Choose, Create
Musical Instruments: Guitar, String Instruments.
Type of Visual Processes:  
Type of Oloreal Processes:  
Incense: Pepper, Olibanum
Type of Gustoreal Processes:  
Type of Tactile Processes:  
Type of Kinetic Processes:  
Simple Tools: Glass Lens, Combustion

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