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Garden of Life Tarot Project

Original Garden of Life Tarot Deck

The Garden of Life Tarot Deck offers an evolutionary development in Tarot. When completed, the deck is 108 cards, expanded to a fifth Suite, Vorti, to represent Spirit and addition of Pi and other transcendental numbers, along with a fifth court card, The Child, for each Suite.


As with all decks, the Garden of Life Tarot facilitates direct communication between the mind of the reader and the images on each card in order to evoke personal understanding and development. To supplement understanding, some suggested interpretive guidance is provided for each card.


Selecting one or more cards offers the reader the opportunity to view one's world through other windows, and to study the entire deck in order offers the advanced student a window onto human development of this century and beyond. Some Garden of Life Arrangements are also included.

List of original Garden of Life Arrangements:

A Tabular Overview of the Rose Table of Correspondences with 108 archetypes across correlated to ~200 categories
Rose Correspondences Overview Listing
Paradigmal Caduceus Arrangement
The Garden of Life Caduceus Arrangement changes between ordinal numbers, Garden of Life phonetic characters, and Ægyptian Hieroglyphs with links to individual pages on each of the 108 tarot cards,
The Tripartite or Seattle Arrangement uses a framework of the symbolic trinity of male, female, androgyny and/or mother, father, teacher
Tripartate or Seattle Arrangement
108 Spoked Wheel Arrangement
The 108 Spoked Wheel arrangement gives equal import to each card as all are needed to help us grow
A Seven Petaled Lotus of Inanna Sacred Space Pattern offers archetypal positions and connections within a sacred space for Officiants and Altars in a ritual context
Simple Seven Petalled Lotus   Seven Petalled Lotus Sacred Space Pattern

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