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Five Elemental Correspondence Key for:

Category Correspondences
Other Names: Æther, Quintessence, Akasha
Basic Nature:

The Blank Canvas, The Palette, Akasha

In a fivefold paradigm, the Element called Spirit or Æther or Quintessence intimates many things: the Multiverse from which all the Universes germinated, as well as that which is beyond, behind, beneath, inside and outside the Cosmos; and also Independent Reality, that which Is, beyond that which is apparent. (May You Embrace Essence and Eternity.)

Spirit encompasses and manifests both the Foundation upon which all else is built and the Apex to which all else aspires. In some ways Spirit is manifest as Energy. In other ways, Spirit is Motion as Consciousness is Matter. Humanity and Divinity are immersed in a Sea of Spirit, ever present and integral to all things. Spirit is masculine and feminine, both, either and neither. Spirit is Dao and Teh, Yin and Yang, and Silence and Action. Spirit is infinite, continuous and eternal. Spirit is life and death, light and dark. All is part of Spirit and Spirit permeates all.

Spirit as an element, resonates with the Illuminated entity, the Atman, the True Self, the Boundless One, and the One who is more trustworthy than all the Buddhas and Sages. Spirit is symbolized by the states of Transcendent Consciousness, Illumination, Apotheosis and Enlightenment. In an Ægyptian parts of Being system, the Hemem'm, the Khu and the Sekhem primarily represent Spirit. Spirit is the Center and the Circumference, the Core and the Boundaries, and beyond the Boundaries. Spirit is the Dancer and the Dance. Spirit evokes that state of Undifferentiated Consciousness which preceded the Cosmos, and from which grew our Universe and all the Universes which may be. Hearing is the primary human perceptual sense that corresponds with Spirit. In the discipline of Physics, it is Spirit that infers: the Unified Force and Dark Matter, Inter and Intradimensionality, and the multiple "balled-up" Dimensions. Humans need Spirit to become Human and then to reach beyond.

Some Traditions relate Spirit to the Centre, North, East, South, West, Up and Down, Within and Without, or Complete Lack of Direction. In other Teachings, the Diamond Path, the Alexandrite Lotus Threshold, Through the Looking Glass, and There and Back Again are spoken of. Spirit is the Whirlwind or Vortal Winds. Spirit is Unfettered Thinking, and Hologrammic Thinking. Spirit is the World. Spirit is Durative Time, Imaginary Time, Cyclic Time and Between Time. In the Pancha Tatwa system of Sanatana Dharma, Spirit holds the place of Akasa, the Black Egg. In the Garden of Life Tarot, Spirit is reflected in Atu (~0.6180339887 . . . ) phi, called Threshold, and in Atu (~1.6180339887 . . . ) Phi called Heart's Desire, and in the entire suite of Vorti. Matter interpenetrate with Spirit, creates the fields which allow our senses to function, and all that Is, to Become.

Dimension: Inter and Intradimensionality, Dark Matter, Complete Lack of Dimensions, Six Balled up Dimensions (out of Ten, or more likely Eleven)
Realm: The realm of potentiality: of promise, of the myriads of choice, of paths not yet taken, of forming and yet to form galaxies, of deep space
Component of Cosmos: the Multiverse from which all the Universes germinated, as well as that which is beyond, behind, beneath, inside and outside the Cosmos; also Independent Reality, that which Is, beyond that which is apparent.
Agathon: May You Embrace Essence and Eternity.
Principal Path: Diamond Path
Fulcrum: The Rock Crystal Throne
Primary Ingress Point: Alexandrite Lotus Threshold
FiveFold Enigma of the Sphinx: To Envision
Mode of Approach: The Spinning Iynx
Essential Weapon: The Gyre Urumi
Warding Emblems: The Floral Helmet, Platimum Hologrammic Armor
Gender: Both, Neither, Either
Direction: Centre, North, East, South, West, Up, Down. Within and Without, Complete Lack of Direction, Through the LookingGlass, There and Back Again
Wind: Vortal, Whirlwind
Energy: Continuous
Rulership of: Chaos, Order, Entropy, Dark Matter & Force
Processes: Life, Spiritual Evolution (Conscious or unConscious), Disincarnation, the Abyss
DisIncarnate Entity Attributes: Announcement
Forces: Unified Force
SubAtomic Particles and other Building Blocks:  
Calamitous Forces: Sunspots, Earth impacting Events
Symbols: The Sacred Chao, The Orphic Egg, Yggdrasil, The TaiQi, The World Tree, The World Mountain
Symbols in Nature: Flutterbys, Vibration
Types of Time: Durative Time, Imaginary Time, Infinite Time, Cyclic Time
Season or Annual Period: InterCalendrical, Transitional Phases between Seasons
Goddess Aspect: Transcendent Goddess
Goddesses: Sati, Hu, Kekuit, Hehut, Œuynome
God Aspect: Transcendent God
Gods: Heru Behudet, SunEyed Wst, Bes, Hen, Amoun, Dionysos,
GynoAndrous Deity Aspect:  
GynoAndroDeos: Transcendent GynoAndroDeo
Denizens of the Borderlands:  
MythoPoetic Entities: Dragons, Sphinxes
Heroines and Heros:  
LifeCycle Mysteries:  
Section of LifeCycle: Pre and Post Incarnation, Pre conception, Ensoulment
Primary Approach to Existence: Spiritual
Sentient Faculties or Attributes:  
Types of Individual:  
Tribal Component Characteristics:  
Human Digits: Thumbs & Big Toes
Quintile of Human Form: Wedge containing the Head
Animals: None (And Yet All)
Plant Part: Fruit and Seeds
Plants other than Trees:  
Stones & Jewels:  
Metals: Meteoritic, Electrum
Cosmic Neighborhood Components: Interstellar and Intergalactic Space
Planetary Environmental Types: Vacuums and near Vacuums
Places: High Places
Practitionors: Illuminants
Type of Mægik:  
Salutation N'ta: We make our Altar at the Centre, that We may Embrace and Penetrate: Essence and Eternity
Ritual Work:  
Mægikal Tools: Sacred Spaces, Lamens
Ægyptian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sumerian Concepts and/or Artifacts: Shugurra Crown
Sanatana Dharma Concepts and/or Artifacts: Vayu: Prana (inhalation)
Chinese Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Keltic, Tuatha dé Danaan, and other Old European Concepts and/or Artifacts: Cloak of Stars
Astrological Components: The Western Tropical Zodiac Signs:Midheaven, Immum Coeli, Ascendent, Descendent
Astrological Houses and Rulers: Twelfth, Transpluto, Persephone
Garden of Life Tarot Components: Atu φ Fool, Atu Φ Heart's Desire, Atu 7 the Chariot, and the entire Suite of Vorti
Pancha Tattvas: Akasa (Vacuum) (black egg) ~ The name of the first tattva, the sonoriferous ether. This is a very important tattva. All the other tattvas come out of this, and live and work in this. All the forms and ideas of the universe live in this. There is no living thing in the world that is not preceded by akasa or followed by it
Chakra or Chakras: Sanhasrâra: Crown, Enlightenment and Awakening Chakra
Pentagram Point: Uppermost point of Pentagram
Erisian Apple Throw:  
General Sentient Components: The Eternal Self, the Spirit
Ægyptian Sentient Components: The Hemem'm, The Khu, The Sekhem
Types of Consciousness: Transcendent State Consciousness, Illumination, Apotheosis
Social Unit:  
Philosophy: World
Physical Body Parts and Systems:  
Sense or Perception Mode:  
Types of Thinking: Unfettered Thinking, and Hologrammic Thinking
Endeavor and Activities:  
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Lack of this Element in a Astrology Chart:  
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Preponderance of this Element in a Astrology Chart:  
Type of Ætheric Processes: Darshan
Type of Audeal Processes:  
English Words: Go, Grow
Musical Instruments:  
Type of Visual Processes:  
Colours: Purple, Black, White, Golden, Clear
Type of Oloreal Processes:  
Fragrance: Kyphi, Ambergris, Orchid
Type of Gustoreal Processes:  
Type of Tactile Processes:  
Type of Kinetic Processes:  
Simple Tools: Wheel, Lever, Vibration

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