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Virtual Reality Vignettes

The term, Virtual Reality Vignettes, refers to the hoped for eventual form of the Garden of Life Tarot. Each of the 108 Archetypes would be represented by one of these Vignettes

In the Virtual Reality Vignette created for each archetypal representation, one would arrive originally within the area of the central image of that card, i.e.: a three dimensional version of the scene depicted in the two dimensional version of the card (Unless, of course, you were coming along one of the seven paths from some other card, in a standard arrangement, or in a layout.). Obviously much more detail would be possible. Also the explorer would be able to select various components of the vignette and be given additional information pertaining to that item. From the central area of a given vignette, seven paths, corridors, and/or connections would lead off to areas where various items and concepts from the cells in the rows which are attributed to this archetypal column header would be represented and expanded upon. A basic seven axial framework would be established within all the vignettes, so that they would eventually be able to interconnect in layouts as well as have avenues to expand on the images from each attributed cell in the various werked rows. Additional images and scenes could be added moving outward from the central area. These would represent concepts and ideas delineated in the cells making up the column which occurs under the particular Archetypal column header. These more well connected ideas from cells would be closer to the central area of the particular vignette, then as one moves outward from the central area along any one of the axial ways, things which are more abstractly associated with the archetype would be further from the central image. Which of the seven connecting paths each representation occurs along would be determined by considering the basic associations with that given directional path.


Quoting from the ever festive PreRamble:
The Virtual Reality Vignette section of
The Columns: The Tarot, (and then some)

The actual form of the Garden of Life Tarot requires some elucidation. If reference is made to the Garden of Life Tarot Deck that would be the set and/or series of multimedia graphical moving vignettes. At this time, within the current framework of technology to which we have access, the Deck will only be able to be made accessible either online or as a computer program. This is certainly no hardship as this will enable us to have movement within the images and we believe that this adds as much to information and ideas conveyed as the changeover from written discription to still images may have at an earlier time. Each of the 108 Cards will contain auditory, visual and kinesthetic components. And although it is not yet possible to add smell, taste and texture directly to the cards, certainly some of those things will be possible to indicate through sound, sight and/or movement clues. Actually the tools to create Virtual Reality and/or Hologrammic versions of the Deck that could be activated from a physical, card containing deck, may already exist and be available within the context of mass publication in the not too distant future, but we are not going to wait for that to happen to release Garden of Life Tarot and once those tools are available, a fairly seemless transition should be possible.

In addition to the official Garden of Life Tarot Deck described above, we do plan on releasing two levels of "placeholder" decks. One extremely simple deck which is made of the designs used early as the column headings in the Garden of Life Rose Correspondences Codex in which each card contains only the Garden of Life Phonetic Language phoneme symbol, the Reconstituted Ægyptian hieroglyph and the name of the card will be released and should be useful primarily for linguistic purposes. Also a second deck of interim complexity which contains all or part of the central image that will be in the actual moving vignette official Garden of Life Tarot Deck. The images from this second deck will also serve as a portal to each card in the online or program version of the deck.

It should be a simple enough matter to develop a shuffling, choosing and layout-filling component for the online and computer program version of the Garden of Life Tarot Deck based on the methods that we currently use with physical decks. Once the layout is produced and navigation of the cards has begun, in an order of the end users choosing, each card will be shown to the prospective sitter and/or reader. The view will go first to the above-mentioned portal image for that particular card and then to a moving-through of the image according to our original concept. However there will also be the ability for the end user to go back through the card, either then or later and explore the peripheries of the images with 'clickable' access to more information and explanations of many of the image components.

Another extremely important component of the concept of Garden of Life Tarot Deck is the individual cards ability to interact with each other in a reading. The programming will have to allow for the cards to 'know' what cards have landed around them and modify themselves to adjust and/or add to themselves in accord with that interplay. Hopefully no actual brawls among the cards will ensue, but qué será, será.




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