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Flowing, Purifying, Healing, Soothing, Loving, Life, Love, Emotion, Feelings,)

In a fivefold paradigm, the Element called Water intimates many things: this Galaxy, Life, Love, Emotion, Feelings, MultiDimensional Reality, and all that is Fluid or Flows. (May You Never Thirst.)

Water is the foundation of all cellular life on our planet. In the Ocean's SaltWater Womb, Life formed, later some emerged and some remained. Water comprises the majority of what we and all life on this planet are made of, bringing to mind the Vital Liquids of Blood, Sexual Fluids, and Sap. Water is the basis of plasma and blood which represent and act as the substructure of all Human and Animal Life. That "The Blood is the Life" is rooted in Human Consciousness. At the moments of ecstasy and creation, it is by the sharing of sexual moisture that two beings touch. Water is the Core of all Plant Life on our home planet, from the necessity of water to sprout and grow the plants, to the fluid communication among the cells of nutrients and the production of Sap.

Humans need Sweet Water to drink, to cleanse the body, to commemorate Blessings of the Living and the Dead. Water represents Emotions, the essence of Receptivity, Absorption, Solution, the Way of Feelings, Healing, and Adaptability. Smell is the sense of this Element. Water is the softest substance in our world, and yet it surges with raw power. Water is sensitive; it reacts to the slightest motion, and transmits and transmutes it. Water is interaction. Water can take the shape of any container and yet remains Level. We cannot step into the same River twice, though the place may be the same for neither we nor the River are ever the same again, as we were in any previous instant. Another part of Water's nature is that it always seeks it's Level. Water cooperates with Gravity without stress, it often will flow into the path of least resistance in ponds or in streams, but when the need is there, Water will overflow the banks and cut a new path.

Water as an element resonates with the Integrated entity, and the Teacher. Water symbolizes the Consciousness states of the Subconscious, Dreams, Visions, and Trance Consciousness. In an Ægyptian parts of Being system, the Ooup S'Sha, the Ab, the Ka, the Khabs primarily represent Water. Water is the Strong Nuclear Force, the Liquid State, Temporal Dimensions, Momentum, Centripetal Force, Tension, and Time. Water Envelops, Absorbs, and Dissolves.

Many traditions relate Water to the West, and the Zephyros Wind. In other Teachings, the Sapphire Path and the Coral Portal are spoken of. Water is Holistic Thinking. Water is the Tribe. Water is the Evening and Dusk. In the Pancha Tatwa system of Sanatana Dharma, Water holds the place of Jala, the White Cloud or Apas, the Silver . In the Garden of Life Tarot Water is reflected in Atu (~3.1415926536 . . . ) Pi, called Reality, Atu 12, called the Hanged Man, and the entire suite of Vessels or Cups.

Dimension: Time
Component of Cosmos: this Galaxy, MultiDimensional Reality
Agathon: May You Never Thirst.
Principal Path: The Sapphire Path
Fulcrum: The Nautilus Throne
Primary Ingress Point: The Coral Portal
FiveFold Enigma of the Sphinx: To Expand
Mode of Approach: The Web of the World
Essential Weapon: Fish Spear
Warding Emblems: Scaled Helment, Sapphire Armor
Gender: Feminine
Direction: West - the Place of the Setting Sun.
Wind: Zephyros
Energy: Receptive
Rulership of: Emotions, Love Principle, Fertility, Love, Sorrow, Courage, Astral Planes, Tides, Oceans, Pools, Streams, Wells, Wombs
Attributes: Love, Nurture, Sensitivity, Psychic Ability, Flowing, Purifying, Healing, Soothing, Healing
DisIncarnate Entity Attributes: Love
Forces: StrongNuclear, Tides
SubAtomic Particles and other Building Blocks:  
Calamitous Forces: Tsunamis, Floods, Thunderstorms
Symbols: Crescent, Cups, Vessels (anything capable of containing liquid), Anchors, Boats, Ship Wheels, Oars, Rudders
Symbols in Nature: Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Wells, Springs, Rain, Mist, Fog, Shells, Water in a vessel.
Types of Time: Sunset, Twilight, Dusk
Season or Annual Period: Autumn - the Time of Harvest
Goddess Aspect: Mother
Goddesses: Isis, Marianne, Mari, Tiamat, Yemaha
God Aspect: Father
Gods: Dylan, Ea, Manamnan, Osiris, Neptune, Poseidon
GynoAndrous Deity Aspect: Teacher
Denizens of the Borderlands: Undines, Nymphs, Mermaids, Fairies of Ponds, Lakes or Streams.
MythoPoetic Entities: Leviathan
Heroines and Heros:  
LifeCycle Mysteries:  
Section of LifeCycle: Maturity
Primary Approach to Existence: Emotional
Sentient Faculties or Attributes:  
Types of Individual:  
Tribal Component Characteristics:  
Human Digits: Fingers next to the Little Fingers & Toes next to the Little Toes
Quintile of Human Form: Wedge containing the Leg and Foot most used for Agility and Initiating Actions
Animals: Marine Mammals and Fish, Amphibians, Marine Invertibrates
Plant Part: Sap
Plants other than Trees:  
Stones & Jewels:  
Cosmic Neighborhood Components:  
Planetary Environmental Types: Oceans, Rivers, Lakes, Ponds, Tidal Pools, Springs, Streams, Beaches,
Places: Wells, Fountains, Swimming Pools, Bathtubs, Showers, Bedrooms (for Sleep), Health Spas, Steam Rooms
Practitionors: Integrated entity, the Teacher
Type of Mægik: Transformative Mægik, Sea, Ice, Snow, Fog and Mirror Mægiks
Salutation N'ta: We make our Altar to the West, that We may Awaken Transformation
Ritual Work:  
Mægikal Tools: Vessel, Grail, Chalice, Cup, Cauldron, Goblet, Mirrors
Ægyptian Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Sumerian Concepts and/or Artifacts: Lapis Lazuli Necklace, Collar, Golden BreastPlate
Sanatana Dharma Concepts and/or Artifacts: Vayu: Udana (inhalation inward, upward movement)
Chinese Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Keltic, Tuatha dé Danaan, and other Old European Concepts and/or Artifacts:  
Astrological Components: The Western Tropical Zodiac Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Astrological Houses and Rulers:  
Garden of Life Tarot Components: Atu π Birth Realities or Earth Mother, Atu 6 Union or Lovers, Atu 12 Hanged from the World Tree, Atu 18 the Moon, and the entire Suite of Vessels
Pancha Tattvas: Jala (Liquid) (white cloud), In the Trikona, Jala Tattva or Water signs, Moksha aspect predominant, In the liberated state, Ãtman is said to have attained moksha (spiritual perfection) and consequently enjoys union with God. Moksha simply means freedom of the individual from ignorance, i.e. realization of one's own true divine nature, or union with the Divine Forces. Apas (Silver Crescent) The name of one of the five tattvas; the gustiferous ether.
Chakra or Chakras: Vishuddha - Throat and Communication Chakra,
Anahata - Heart, Emotions and Central Chakra,
Mûlâdhara - Base of Spine, Root and Essence Chakra
Pentagram Point: Upper right point of Pentagram
Erisian Apple Throw:  
General Sentient Components:  
Ægyptian Sentient Components: The Ooup S'Sha, The Ab, The Ka, The Khabs
Types of Consciousness: SubConscious State Consciousness, Dream, Vision, Trance Consciousness
Social Unit: Tribe
Physical Body Parts and Systems:  
Sense or Perception Mode: Smell
Types of Thinking: Holistic Thinking
Endeavor and Activities:  
Virtues: Compassion, Tranquility, Tenderness, Forgiveness, Modesty, Fluidity in Creativity, Receptivity, Influence
Vices: Self-Indulgence, Negligence, Cowardice, Indifference, Instability, Moodiness, Infatuation, Easily Put Upon, Delusions
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Lack of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Deep Body Dryness, Hotness, Mind & Body Feel Separated, No Empathy
Possible Difficulties indicated by a Preponderance of this Element in a Astrology Chart: Body Puffiness, Sinus (Etc.) Flows, Mood Swings, "Touchiness", Apathy
Type of Ætheric Processes:  
Type of Audeal Processes:  
English Words: Say, Feel
Musical Instruments:  
Type of Visual Processes:  
Shapes: Crescent, Sphere
Type of Oloreal Processes:  
Type of Gustoreal Processes:  
Type of Tactile Processes:  
Type of Kinetic Processes:  
Simple Tools: Lock, Canal, Pipe, Aqueduct, Water Wheel, Water Clock

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