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You won't believe this report came from a computer
The extremely personal text reads so smoothly and insightfully, you'll swear the author was "tipped off" about you! Based on the building blocks in astrology – your planet positions, ascendant, and conjunctions, as they appeared at your birth – this report is one you'll want to carry with you.

This natal report is one of our highest sellers, and here's why: It's written by Stephen Forrest, one of the foremost astrological writers of our generation. His very popular books The Changing Sky and The Inner Sky (both mass-market paperbacks) attest to this. Your Sky Within report takes you on a personal journey into your inner life. It reads as if Forrest himself is seated in front of you, carefully and skillfully delving into your world – once you begin the report you will probably not be able to put it down. The language of astrology is used, covering the planets and sensitive points in your chart – but you needn't know any astrology! This outstanding report is especially suited for those just being introduced to astrology.