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Acronyms and Abbreviations
(short talk)


'Words' made out of the first letter of each word in a phrase. In some cases articles and such may be skipped, or the first two letters of some words may be incorporated.

[Please see additional notes below the table]

ACRONYM (as an Acronym): Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning

AAAAA: American Association Against Acronym Abuse

AAA: Amazingly Appropriate Abbreviation

AAMOF: As A Matter Of Fact

AAMOFID: As A Matter Of Fact, I Do

ABFT: A Blue Fish Tuesday!

ADIDAS: All Day I Dream About Sex

ADN: Any Day Now

AFAIK: As Far As I Know

AIMB: As I Mentioned Before

AMCTATAM: And My Children, They All Turn Against Me!

AOA: Alive on Arrival

APA: Amateur Press Association

ASAP: As Soon As Possible

ASATISSFISSAMISS: All Statements Are True In Some Sense, False In Some Sense, And Meaningless In Some Sense

ASYOYO: Adios, Sucker(s) - You're On Your Own!

ATFTMIAJFA: After The First Two Minutes, It's All Just Friction Anyway!

ATSL: Along The Same line

ATST: At The Same Time

AWGTHTGTTA?: Are We Going To Have To Go Through This Again?

BAC: By Any Chance

BAMN: By Any Means Necessary

BBS: Busted, Broke SysOp

BBBTAF: Bede, Bede Bede, That's All Folks!

BCNU: Be seeing you

BION: Believe It Or Not

BIP: Books In Print

BJN: Bungee Jump Naked

BNF: Big Name Fan

BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

BOID: Bend Over I'll Drive!

BRB: Be Right Back

BTSOOM: Beats The Shit Out Of Me

BTWTOE: By The White Thighs of Eris

BTW: By The Way

CBIP: Current Book In Progress

CCITT: Can't Conceive Intelligent Thoughts Today

CCITT: Confused Corporations In Thrall to Terror

CHEVROLET: Can Hear Every Valve Rap On Long Extended Trips

CHEVROLET: Cheap Heaps Erratically Vibrate Running On Level Even Terrain

CHRYSLER: Car Having Really Yucky Stupid Lazy Engine Runs

CMIIW: Correct Me If I'm Wrong

CU: See You

CUL8R: See You Later - also CUL

CYA: Cover your a-- (ASCII?)

DIIK: Damned If I Know

DILLIGAF: Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck

DILLIGAFF: Do I Look Like I Give A Flying Fuck?

DLG: Devilish Little Grin

DNPM: Damn Near Pissed Myself

DOA: Dead on Arrival

DOAG: Dirty Old AndroGyn

DOM: Dirty Old Man

DOW: Dirty Old Woman

DUOE: Dried-Up Old Eunuch

DYSAF: Do You See A Fence?

DYTIMAMDTOBBTHOT: Do You Think I Made A Mistake, Dividing The One Brain Between The How-many-ever Of Them?

EMSL: Evil Mad Scientist Laugh

EOC: End Of Cosmos

EOD: End Of Discussion

EOF: End Of File

EOL: End Of Lecture

EOLAWKI: End Of Life As We Know It

EOM: End Of Multiverse

EOU: End Of Universe

ESAD: Eat Shit And Die

ESAL: Eat Shit And Live

FAPP: For All Practical Purposes

FAQIM: For A Quarter I Might!

FAQIW: For A Quarter I Will!

FAQOAMM: For A Quarter Of A Million, Maybe!

FBI: Female Body Inspector

FIAWOL: Fandom Is A Way Of Life

FIFO: First In, First Out

FITB: Fill In The Blank

FMR: Fuck Me Running!

FORD: Fast Only Running Downhill

FORD: Fix Or Repair Daily (backwards) Driver Returns On Foot

FORD: Found on Road (Dying or Dead)

FPOE: Favorite Position, Over Easy

FPOF: Five Pounds Of Flax!

FUBAB: Fucked Up Beyond All Belief

FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair

FUBB: Fucked Up Beyond Belief

FUBS: Fidonet Used Book Squad

FUBS: Fucked Up Bull Shit

FUMTU: Fucked Up More Than Usual

FUWOTD: Fed Up With Off-Topic Discussion.

FWIW: For What It's Worth

FYD: For Your Divertissement

FYI: For Your Information

GAFIA: Getting Away From It All

GAFIATE: Verb form of acronym for fannish term: 'Getting Away From It All'

G,D&R: Grinning, Ducking, and Running

GIGO: Garbage in, garbage out.

GIWIST: Gee I Wish I'd Said That

GLG: Goofy Little Grin

GMTA: Great Minds Think Alike

GO PRI: Send Private Mail

GP SPM: Go Private; Send Private Mail

GR8: Great

GYNH: Glad You're Not Here

HAPRD: Had a perfectly rotten day

HARDEHAR: Here's a really dumb euphemism hardly anyone reads

HBI: Human Body Inspector

HCILYIYWLD: How Can I Love You If You Won't Lay Down?

HHOK: Ha, Ha Only Kidding

HHTYAY: Happy Holidays to You and Yours

IAC: In Any Case

IAE: In Any Event

IAAICIATW: I Am An Impressionable Child In A Tumultuous World

IANAC: I Am Not A Crook

IANAL: I Am Not A Lawyer

IAO: Isis Apophis Osirus

IAW: In Accordance With

IBARFT: It's been a real fun time

IBFAIBRBIHBRF: It's Been Fun and It's Been Real, But It Hasn't Been Real Fun!

IBM: Ice Box Machines

IBM: Incredibly Boring Manuals

IBM: Inertia Breeds Mediocrity

IBM: Inferior But Marketable.

IBM-PC: Imbecile Business Machine - Permanently Crashes

IC: I See

ICOCBW: I Could, Of Course, Be Wrong

IDIC: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

IDTS: I Don't Think So!

IHYHWAHFI: I Hop, You Hop, We All Hop For IHOP

IIRC: If I Remember Correctly

IITYYHABBWYHIAM: If I Tell You: You Have A Beautiful Body, Will You Hold It Against Me?

ILIWTPCT: I Love It When The Plan Comes Together

IMCO: In My Considered Opinion

IMHO: In My (Humble or Honest) Opinion

IMNSHO: In My Not-So (Humble or Honest) Opinion

IMO: In My Opinion

IMOBO: In My Own Biased Opinion

IMOEBO: In My Own Extremely Biased Opinion

IMOMBO: In My Own Moderately Biased Opinion

IMOSBO: In My Own Slightly Biased Opinion

INMF: It's Not My Fault!

INPO: In No Particular Order

IOW: In Other Words

IRMC: I Rest My Case

ISHBAB: I Should Have Brought A Book

ISTBE: I Sing The Body Electric

ITOTTINCT: Is That Over The Top? I Never Can Tell!

ITSFWI: If the shoe fits, wear it

JAA: Jump Almost Always

JABBA: Just Another Brain-Boggling Acronym

JAIITA: Just Another Inmate in this Asylum!

JALNW: Just Act like Nothing's Wrong - Winston Smith

JAMOT: Just a Matter of Time

JAMs: Justified Ancients of Mummu

JANFU: Joint Army-Navy Fuck Up

JASA: Just Another Stupid Acronym.

JASSLA: Just Another Stupid Six-Letter Acronym

JAUM: Jeer at User's Mistake

JAVA: Just Another Virus Attack

JAWFTIB: Just Another Withdrawal from the Insanity Bank

JAWS Jabbering Amateur Wickedly Silenced

JBS: Jump and Blow Stack

JCI: Jump to Current Instruction

JEEP: Jinxed Engine has Extra Parts

JEEP: Jump Excitedly in Every Pothole.

JEEP: Jumps Everything Ever Parked

JEEP: Junk Each Eagle Produced

JEEP: Junk Eletrical and Emissions Parts

JEEP: Junk Engineering Executed Poorly

JEEP: Junk Everyone Eyes for Parts

JEEP: Just Eat Every Pickle.

JEEP: Just Eats Every Part

JEEP: Just Everyone Elses Parts

JEEP: Just Excrement Expensively Priced

JFM: Jump on Full Moon

JHRB: Jump to H&R Block

JIC: Just In Case

JITNOT: Just In The Nick Of Time

JK: Just Kidding

JMAT: JuMp on Alternate Thursdays

JOBF: Jump On BufFalo

JOBV: Jump On BeaVer

JOM: Jump Out of Memory

JOM: Jump Over Moon

JOP: Jump OPerator

JPA: Jump when Pizza Arrives

JRA: Just Rootin' Around.

JRAN: Jump RANdom

JRCF: Jump Relative and Catch Fire

JRGA: Jump Relative and Get Arrested

JRL: Jump to Random Location

JRRT: J.R.R. Tolkien

JRSR: Jump to Random SubRoutine

JSC: Jump on System Crash

JSNM; Just Stark Naked Magick

JSOR: Jump Somewhere Over Rainbow

JSP: Jump on Sexy Programmer

JSPS Just Some Poor Schmuck

JSU: Jump Self Unconditional

JT: Jump if Tuesday

JTC: Jump To Conclusions

JTT: Jump and Tangle Tape

JTZ: Jump to Twilight Zone

JWDYTYD-D: Just What Do You Think You're Doing Dave?

JWN: Jump When Necessary

KHYF: Know how you feel

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid

KTBF: Keep The Baby Faith!

L8R: Later

LIFO: Last In, First Out

LINGO: Last In, Not Getting Out

LLAP: Live Long and Prosper

LLTA: Lots and Lots of Thunderous (or Thundering) Applause

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

LSL: Loud Screaming Laughter

LTMSH: Laughing 'Til My Sides Hurt

LTNT: Long Time, No Type

MBI: Male Body Inspector

MIDI: Maybe I'll Die Insolvent!

MIPS: Meaningless Index of Processor Speed

MLASS: Mind (or Memory) Like A Steel Sieve

MORF: Male OR Female?

MPE: My Point Exactly!

MYOB: Mind Your Own Business!

NATITIRI: Not Attempting To Imply That It's Really Important

NAO: Not An Option!

NBD: No Big Deal

NBL: Not Bloody Likely

NIMBY: Not in My Back Yard

NP: No Problem

NPOV: Neutral Point of View

NRN: No Reply Necessary

NTYMI: Now that you mention it

OAFE: On A Fishing Expedition

OAS: On Another Subject

OIC: Oh, I See

OOP: Out Of Print

OOTC: Obligatory On Topic Comment

OOTQ: Obligatory On Topic Quote

OTOH: On The Other Hand

OTTOMH: Off the Top of My Head

OTTOMHAROOB: Off the Top of My Head and Rolling Out of Bounds

PCMCIA: People Can't Memorize Computer Industry Acronyms

PFP: Pay For Play

PITA: Pain in the a-- (ASCII?)

PMETC: Pardon Me, ETC.

PMJI: Pardon My Jumping In

PNS: Pretty Neat Stuff

POEE: Paratheo-Anametamystikhood of Ἔρις (Eris) Esoteric

POV: Point Of View

PWYP: Practice What You Preach

RAH: Robert Anson Heinlein

RAM: Rarely Adequate Memory

RAW: Robert Anton Wilson

RAVE: Retch And Vomit Explosively

RHPS: Rocky Horror Picture Show

RIME: Ridiculous Idiots Mouthing Everywhere

ROFL: Rolling On Floor Laughing

ROFLASTC: Rolling On Floor Laughing And Scaring The Cat.

ROTBA: Reality On The Blink Again

ROTF: Rolling On The Floor

ROTFLH: Rolling On Floor Laughing Hysterically

ROTFLMHO: Rolling On The Floor Laughing My Head Off

ROTM: Right On The Money

RSN: Real Soon Now

RTFM: Read The Fine Manual

RTFM [alternate]: The Joy of Sex.

SALFU: Such A Lovely Foul Up

SAONC: Slim and or No Chance

SAPFU: Surpassing All Previous Foul Ups

SASS: SysOps Against Stupid Signatures.

SCSI: System Can't See It

SFBC: Science Fiction Book Club

SITD: Still In The Dark

SNAFU: Situation Normal, All Fucked Up

SOL: Shit Out of Luck

SOP: Standing Operational Procedures

SOW: Speaking Of Which

SPS: Sve Poskupljuje Sutra

SQPWYC: Sit Quietly and Play With Your Crayons

SQWFYTF: So Quake With Fear, You Tiny Fools!

STNR: Signal-To-Noise Ratio

SUSFU: Situation Unchanged, Still Fouled Up

SYJHTSWTF: Sometimes You Just Have To Say: What The Fuck?

SYSOP: Snooty Yuppie Sitting On Potty

SYSOP: Sent Your Spouse Obscene Pictures

SYT: Sweet Young Thing

TANJ: There Ain't No Justice

TANSTAAFL: There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

TARFU: Things Are Really Fouled Up

TAY: Talk Among Yourselves

TBITB: Twenty Bucks is Twenty Bucks!

TBSL: Turning Blue Stifling Laughter

TCB: Taking Care Of Business

TDIF: Thank Darwin It's Friday

TDINM: Thank Darwin It's Not Monday

TEINS: Thank Eris It's Not SweetMorn

TEIP: Thank Eris It's Prickle-Prickle

TGIF: Thank God It's Friday

TGINM: Thank God It's Not Monday

TIA: Thanks In Advance

TIAIO: This Is An Illegal Opinion

TIC: Tongue In Cheek

TINALO: This Is Not A Legal Opinion

TINAR: This Is Not A Recommendation

TLA: Three Letter Acronym

TOBAL: There Oughta Be A Law

TOBG: This Oughta Be Good

TPTB: The Powers That Be

TRDMC: Tears Running Down My Cheeks

TRQ: To Read Queue

TTBOMK: To The Best Of My Knowledge

TTFN: Ta Ta For Now.

TTIHLIC: Try To Imagine How Little I Care

TTMS: Talk (or Type) To Me Soon

TTYL: Talk (or Type) To You Later

UBS: Ubiquitous Bull Shit

UTFL: Use The Force, Luke!

WAMKSAM: Why Are My Kids (or Kitties) Staring At Me?

WANTDYLF: We Are Not The Droids You're Looking For

WAPWOT: What A Phenomenal Waste Of Time

WIBAMA: Well I'll be a Monkey's Aunt

WIBAMU: Well I'll be a Monkey's Uncle

WIDOIDRICSAS: When In Danger, Or In Doubt, Run In Circles, Scream And Shout!

WIHSIDABO: While I'm Having Sex, I Dream About Being Online

WIMP: Windows, Icons, Mice, Pull-down menus.

WMTA: Warped Minds Think Alike

WNAM: We Need A Miracle

WTANS: Will These Acronyms Never Stop?

WTIWW: Write This in Whiter Words!

WWED: What Would Eris Do?

WY: Wyoming, the obvious

WYBMADIITY: Will You Buy Me A Drink If I Tell You?

WYMM: Will You Marry Me

WYNIWYG: What You Need Is What You Get [claim of many systems]

WYPIWYF: What You Print Is What You FAX

WYPIWYG: What You Printed Is What You Got

WYRMITM: Will you respect me in the morning?

WYSAWYG: What You See Ain't What You Get [opposite of WYSIWYG]

WYSBYGI: What You See Before You Get It

WYSIAWYG: What You See Is (Almost or Approximately) What You Get

WYSIAYFWG: What You See Is All You're Fucking Well Getting!

WYSIAYG: What You See Is All You're Getting

WYSIC: What You See Is Crap

WYSINWYG: What You See Is Not What You Get

WYSITEOOWYG: What You See Is The Exact Opposite Of What You Get

WYSITWIRLS: What You See Is Totally Worthless In Real Life

WYSIWIS: What You See Is What I See

WYSIWYAG: What You See Is What You Almost Get

WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get

WYSIWYGD: What You See Is What You Get [duh!]

WYSLRN: What You See Looks Really Neat

WYTYSYDG: What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't Get

WYTYSYDS: What You Thought You Saw, You Didn't See

WYWH: Wish You Were Here

YAFA: Yet Another Fine Abbreviation

YATI: Yet Another Trivial Inconsistancy

YCFMIF: You Cannot Fire Me! I'm French!

YDAGWYPF: You Don't Always Get What You Pay For

YDAGWYW: You Don't Always Get What You Want

YGIAGAM: Your Guess Is As Good As Mine!

YGLT: You're gonna love this

YGWYPF: You Get What You Pay For

YIDBNWY: Yes I Do, But Not With You

YMMV: Your mileage may vary

YSLFIIFI: You're Still Looking For IT, I Found IT!

YWAY: You? Who Are You?


The Acronyms that we are considering here are mostly of the general internet messaging variety, sprinkled with some ingroup jokes such as develope in any group that hangs around together a lot. Some of them go back quite a ways, to at least the time of the first or second world war.






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