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Catch Phrases
(We've had some incredible ones, and come across other marvelous ones)


One of the interesting things that occurred numerous times in our group, has been that a catch-phrase would be manufactured from a chance bon mot, uttered in some salon type context, referring indirectly, via multi-entendred metaphor, to some incident of personal importance only within the group. Then it would become utilized for a period, widely in the group, about the original incident and many others which might have some resonance with it however far removed. Then it would fall out of use, and six months or say later we would hear the phrase used by some late night talk show host or some public figure in the same manner. Six Degrees of Separation theories or not, the first few times it happened we found it quite startling. Usually these catch-phrases were from something perhaps embedded in the Memes of the zeitgeist, or at least something from some experience common to most or all of us.


"Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!"

Well, we all know where this one comes from (thanks to Dorothy and Glendora)

"Run, Run, Leap!"

Hard to explain, maybe you had to be there, maybe a "Sweet Mystery"

"I Love a Parade!"

When asked to comment on a stream of actually useless activity that the asker thinks is important!

"All the World Loves a Clown!"

Similar to above, usually but directed more at the
person (which may be yourself) rather than the activity

"Well, we'll just pack our things, settle our affairs,
            fold our tents, dye our hair, change our names,
                        . . . and slip out quietly . . . into the night."

Translation, we're bored, we're leaving, we won't be back!

"Was anyone else recognized?!"

famous Paul Lyndism (in answer to Hollywood Square's question
about Jackie Gleason and Art Carney being recently
recognized in Central Park dressed as women,
had to do with the filming of "Cranky
Old Men" or something, in regular reality,
luckily Mr Lynde rarely visited regular reality)

"Time passes . . .
                  Things change . . .
                                The story remains the same."

Here we are again.

"The Pain, like the Shame, falls mainly on the Plain!"

A tip of the hat to "Liasons Dangereaux (sic)",
"My Fair Lady" and Saint Lovey.
Most useful for the inventive
(reminds one of "Fortune Favours the Brave" but I don't remember who said that).

"You know, . . . you never see them together!"

Most amusing when applied to vastly dissimilar persons

"Just like _________, only different!"

Most amusing when applied to vastly dissimilar things

". . . but not in the Good Way!"

Most amusing when applied to things that are not normally considered to "have" a good way.

"On my planet (In my country, if you're chicken),
            we do _________________ (thus and so, and/or this or that way, etc.)!"

Good conversation stopper when you want to change the subject.
Actually works on several levels, confirms for the recipient of your remarks
suspicion that you aren't normal, and so forth.

"The Best and Worst are both inclined
            to snap like vixens at the Truth!
                        but, oh beware the Middle Mind,
                                    which smiles and never shows a tooth."

Thanks to Edna Saint Vincent Millay

"The Household swims, like a Great White
      through the vast sea of Humanity's unconscious
                                          . . . but ah, beware the ramoras."

From an undiscover'd fragment of writings of Heraclitos, used as part of
the masthead of the Garden of Life Household newsletter, Ma'at.

"We'll burn that bridge when we get to it!"

Nice malapropism, useful in many ways.

"That would be in the butt, Bob!"

Yes, it really did go out over the airways on live TV, in the 60s?,
I saw the show, I think it was "The Newlywed Show", the question,
(which they intended to titillate, but they got more than they bargained for
was "Where is the strangest place you and your new husband have had sex?".
It is amazing the number of situations, in which, depending on the tone of voice it is said in,
that it can be amusing to say this little bon mot, in response to various input.

"Do ya see a fence?!"

A "Kids in the Hall" favorite, used ordinarily in response to a question
where some moron asks you if something happened
that they think was supposed to happen,
in spite of serious visual evidence that it did not happen, with the
frustated desire to guilt you into shame or something.

"Well Toto, looks like we're not in Kansas anymore!"

Well, here we are again (thanks to Dorothy and Glendora). Something odd is going on.

"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!"

Well, here we are again (thanks to Dorothy and Glendora).
I (or you, she, he, they, we, etc.) are being manipulated.

"Do not throw water on this Bitch!" and/or "I'm Melting!"

Well, here we are again (thanks to Dorothy and Glendora).
A somewhat more gracious and
more updated version of the Philistine thingee
(yes, that is the technical term) below.

"Now I know how the Philistines felt!"

That's right, slain by the jawbone of an ass.
If the recipient of the remark doesn't
know the Abramic Bible, you may escape unscathed

"He [She, They, It, whatever] was asking for it!,
            Look at the way He's [She's, They're, It's, whatever] dressed!"

One of them "sweet mysteries".

"Scotty! Scotty! can you give us Warp 7?"
            "Wait a minute captain, I'll throw in some feathers!"

More of a responsive reading, more effective if done by two people.

"What's a FruitCake?"

Should ideally be delivered descending a staircase while attempting to put your hair up
            in a "Scythian Warrior Princess" ponytail, for maximum effect.

"When in danger, or in doubt, run in circles, yell and shout"

A classic, what's not to love?

"[Whatever], [Whatever]er, more [Whatever] than you think!"

Intensification, how far can you go?

"After you, Alphonse!"

Hard to explain, maybe you had to be there, maybe a "Sweet Mystery"

"Quick Bark!"

Perhaps it would be better not to explain, legal issues might be involved!

"Did you get your thing?"

To call attention to something indirectly without giving the game away

"One of those sweet Mysteries, sweet precisely because it is a mystery."

We could explain this one, but then we'd have to . . . . .

"Waiter! Waiter! There's a Transvestite in my soup!"
        (to which someone else responds)"Shut up! . . . Everyone will want one!"

More of a responsive reading, more effective if done by two people.

"I (or she, he, they, we, etc.) don't have a "power" problem,
      I see a power vacuum,
            I take power,
                  I use power,
                        . . . no problem!"

Thought it would make a good T-Shirt

" . . . and now my story is over."

appropriate hand gestures important,
a simple holding of the hand,
palm flat in front of the face and
making a rotating motion seems the most effective

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