Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive, Big

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Collective Nouns
(a bunch by any other name . . .)


Some of these are traditional, others are found, some may be simply made up. We have made no attempt to validate these as far as proper use goes, since we simply don't care. If they amuse us, we use them, if not we don't, and that's what we recommend for others to do.


An Aarmory of Aardvarks

An Abomination of Monks

An Absence of Professors

An Abstinence of Virgins

An Acknowledgement of Kingfishers

An Agenda of Tasks

An Amazement of Mongeese

An Ambush of Tigers

An Ambush of Widows

An Anthology of Prose

An Anthology of Prostitutes

An Archipelago of Islands

An Armada of Ships

An Army of Ants

An Army of Caterpillars

An Array of Eels

An Army of Frogs

An Army of Herring

An Array of Hedgehogs

An Ascension of Larks

An Ascension of Skylarks

An Asylum of Programmers

An Audit of Bookkeepers

An Aurora of Polar Bears

A Babble of Barbers

A Balance of Accountants

A Bale of Turtles

A Band of Coyotes

A Band of Gorillas

A Band of Jays

A Band of Men

A Bank of Monitors

A Bank of Swans

A Banner of Knights

A Barrel of Monkeys

A Barren of Mules

A Bask of Crocodiles

A Batch of Bread

A Battery of Barracudas

A Bavin of Brush (When Wood)

A Bazaar of Guillemots

A Bed of Clams

A Bed of Oysters

A Bed of Snakes

A Bed of Wild Ducks in Flight

A Bellowing of Bullfinches

A Belt of Asteroids

A Bench of Judges

A Bevy of Beauties

A Bevy of Ladies

A Bevy of Larks

A Bevy of Otters

A Bevy of Pheasants

A Bevy of Quail

A Bevy of Roe Deer

A Bevy of Roebucks

A Bevy of Roes

A Bevy of Swans

A Bew of Partridges

A Bike of Bees

A Bind of Salmon

A Bite of Midges

A Blast of Strumpets

A Blessing of Unicorns

A Bloat of Bureaucrats

A Bloat of Hippopotami

A Body of Pathologists

A Boil of Hawks (When Two or More)

A Bond of Secret Agents

A Boogle of Weasels

A Book of Wagers

A Bouquet of Flowers

A Bouquet of Pheasants (When in Flight)

A Bower of Elves

A Brace of Bucks (When a Pair)

A Brace of Gamebirds (When a Pair)

A Brace of Mallards (When a Pair)

A Brace of Orthodontists

A Brace of Waterfowl (When a Pair)

A Brace of Wild Ducks in Flight (When a Pair)

A Brigade of Soldiers

A Brood of Hens

A Brood of Jellyfish

A Brood of Snakes (When a Family Group)

A Brood of Termites

A Building of Rooks

A Bunch of Ducks on Water

A Bunch of Grapes

A Bunch of Things

A Bunch of Waterfowl

A Bunch of Wildfowl

A Bury of Conies

A Bury of Rabbits

A Bushel of Crabs

A Business of Ferrets

A Business of Flies

A Cache of Jewels

A Cackle of Hyenas

A Calculation of Mathematicians

A Caravan of Camels

A Cartload of Monkeys

A Cast of Actors

A Cast of Falcons

A Cast of Hawks

A Catalogue of Librarians

A Cavalcade of Horsemen

A Cete of Badgers

A Chain of Bobolinks

A Chain of Islands

A Chao of Erisians

A Charm of Finches

A Charm of Goldfinches

A Charm of Hummingbirds

A Charm of Magpies

A Chatter of Budgerigars

A Chattering of Chicks

A Chattering of Choughs

A Chime of Wrens

A Chine of Polecats

A Chorus of Angels

A Circle of Pagans

A Circle of Rabbits

A Circle of Witches

A Circus of Monkeys

A Clamour of Rooks

A Clan of Hyenas

A Clash of Bucks

A Class of Students

A Clattering of Choughs

A Clew of Worms

A Cloud of Bats

A Cloud of Flies

A Cloud of Foxes

A Cloud of Gnats

A Cloud of Grasshoppers

A Cloud of Jellyfish

A Cloud of Locusts

A Cloud of Sea Fowl

A Cloud of Tadpoles

A Clout of Gnats

A Clowder of Cats

A Cluster of Bees

A Cluster of Cats

A Cluster of Grasshoppers

A Cluster of Spiders

A Clutch of Chicks

A Clutch of Eggs

A Clutch of Fairies

A Clutch of Mechanics

A Clutter of Cats

A Clutter of Spiders

A Coalition of Cheetahs

A Cog of Robots

A Coil of Wigeon

A Collectiveness of Nouns

A Colony of Ants

A Colony of Bats

A Colony of Beavers

A Colony of Frogs

A Colony of Gulls

A Colony of Lepers

A Colony of Penguins

A Colony of Rabbits

A Colony of Rats

A Colony of Termites

A Comfort of Cats

A Committee of Vultures

A Company of Actors

A Company of Foxes

A Company of Moles

A Company of Parrots

A Company of Soldiers

A Company of Widgeons

A Complex of Psychoanalysts

A Conflagration of Arsonists

A Conflagration of Transvestites

A Confusion of Guinea Fowl

A Confusion of Weasels

A Conglomerate of Geologists

A Congregation of Crocodiles

A Congregation of Eagles

A Congregation of Plovers

A Congress of Baboons

A Conspiracy of Hyenas

A Conspiracy of Ravens

A Constellation of Satellites

A Convocation of Eagles

A Convoy of Lorries

A Convoy of Trucks

A Cord of Collective Nouns

A Cord of Fire Wood

A Corps of Anatomists

A Corps of Giraffes

A Cortege of Mourners

A Coterie of Prairie Dogs.

A Court of Kangaroos

A Coven of Witches

A Cover of Coots

A Covert of Coots

A Covey of Grouse

A Covey of Partridges

A Covey of Pheasants

A Covey of Ptarmigan

A Covey of Quail

A Cowardice of Curs

A Crash of Elephants

A Crash of Hippopotamuses

A Crash of Rhinoceri

A Creche of Penguins

A Crew of Sailors

A Crowd of Onlookers

A Cruft of Hackers

A Cry of Hounds

A Culture of Bacteria

A Curiousity of Kittens

A Dazzle of Zebras

A Death of Jackels

A Deceit of Lapwings

A Deck of Cards

A Den of Snakes

A Den of Thieves

A Descent of Raptors

A Descent of Relatives

A Descent of Woodpeckers

A Desert of Lapwings

A Destruction of Cats (When Feral or Wild)

A Dilation of Pupils

A Dionysos of Ephebes

A Disguising of Tailors

A Dissimulation of Birds

A Disworship of Scots

A Diving of Teal

A Division of Soldiers

A Doading of Sheldrakes

A Doctrine of Doctors

A Dole of Doves

A Dole of Turtles

A Donut of Data

A Dopping of Ducks (When Diving)

A Down of Hares

A Draft of Fish

A Draught of Fish

A Dray of Squirrels

A Drift of Bees

A Drift of Cattle

A Drift of Fish

A Drift of Hogs

A Drift of Quail

A Drift of Swine

A Drove of Asses

A Drove of Bullocks

A Drove of Cattle

A Drove of Oxen

A Drove of Pigs

A Drove of Ponies

A Drove of Sheep

A Drove of Swine

A Drum of Goldfinches

A Drunken Ship of Cobblers

A Dule of Doves

A Dule of Turtle Doves

A Dule of Turtles

An Earth of Foxes

An Effusion of Krill

An Elegance of Courtesians

An Embarrassment of Relatives

An Embarrassment of Riches

An Enormity of Whales

An Erst of Bees

An Exaggeration of Fishermen

An Exaltation of Larks

An Eyrar of Swans

A Facetiousness of Farces

A Faculty of Academics

A Fall of Lambs

A Fall of Woodcocks

A Family of Beavers

A Family of Otters

A Family of Sardines

A Farrow of Piglets

A Fellowship of Yeomen

A Fesnying of Ferrets

A Fiction of Wikipedia Entries

A Field of Horses

A Field of Racehorses

A Fielding of Theoretical Physicists

A Flamboyance of Homosexuals

A Flamboyance of Flamingoes

A Flange of Baboons

A Fleet of Mudhen

A Fleet of Ships

A Flight of Birds

A Flight of Cormorants

A Flight of Doves

A Flight of Goshawks

A Flight of Pigeons

A Flight of Reindeer

A Flight of Swallows

A Flight of Wild Ducks in Flight

A Fling of Dunlins

A Fling of Sandpipers

A Flink of Cows (12 Cows are a Flink)

A Float of Crocodiles

A Flock of Birds

A Flock of Camels

A Flock of Chickens

A Flock of Geese

A Flock of Goats

A Flock of Lice

A Flock of Lions

A Flock of Pigeons

A Flock of Seagulls

A Flock of Sheep

A Flock of Swifts

A Flock of Tourists

A Flock of Wild Ducks in Flight

A Flotation of Sea Otters

A Flotilla of Ships

A Flush of Ducks

A Flush of Plumbers

A Fluther of Jellyfish

A Flutter of Cardiologists

A Flutterance of Butterflies

A Flutterbye of Butterflies

A Fry of Eels

A Gaggle of Geese

A Gaggle of Women

A Galaxy of Starlets

A Galaxy of Stars

A Gam of Whales

A Game of Swans

A Gang of Buffalo

A Gang of Elk

A Gang of Hoodlums

A Gang of Turkeys

A Gang of Weasels

A Gaze of Raccoons

A Giggle of Girls

A Glaring of Cats

A Glean of Herrings

A Gossip of Hairdressers

A Graft of Tree Surgeons

A Grind of Blackfish

A Grind of Bottle Nose Whales

A Grist of Bees

A Group of Guinea Pigs

A Group of Lemurs

A Grove of Trees

A Gulp of Cormorants (When When Solitary)

A Gulp of Magpies

A Gulp of Swallows

A Hand of Bananas

A Hangout of Nudists

A Harass of Horses

A Harem of Seals

A Harras of Horses

A Hatch of Flies

A Head of Curlews

A Head of Pheasants

A Heard of Harlots

A Heckling of Monkeys

A Hedge of Bushes

A Height of Giraffes

A Herd of Antelope

A Herd of Asses

A Herd of Bison

A Herd of Buffalo

A Herd of Caribou

A Herd of Cattle

A Herd of Chamois

A Herd of Cows

A Herd of Cranes

A Herd of Curlew

A Herd of Deer

A Herd of Donkeys/Asses

A Herd of Elephants

A Herd of Elk

A Herd of Giraffes

A Herd of Goats

A Herd of Horses

A Herd of Moose

A Herd of Oxen

A Herd of Pigs

A Herd of Porpoises

A Herd of Rabbits (When Domestic)

A Herd of Reindeer

A Herd of Rhinos

A Herd of Seals

A Herd of Sheep

A Herd of Swans

A Herd of Swine

A Herd of Walruses

A Herd of Whales

A Herd of Wrens

A Herd of Zebras

A Heresy of Herons

A Hill of Ruffs

A Hirsel of Sheep

A Hive of Bees

A Horde of Crows

A Horde of Gerbils

A Horde of Gnats

A Horde of Hamsters

A Horde of Misers

A Host of Angels

A Host of Sparrows

A House of Senators

A Hover of Crows

A Hover of Trout

A Huddle of Lawyers

A Huddle of Penguins

A Husk of Hares

A Husk of Jackrabbits

An Illusion of Painters

An Implausibility of Gnus

An Indifference of Waiters

An Inscrutableness of Snipes

An Intrigue of Kittens

An Intrusion of Cockroaches

An Inveiglement of Hares

A Jealousy of Architects

A Journey of Giraffes

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

A Kendle of Kittens

A Kennel of Hounds

A Kettle of Hawks (When Flying in Large Numbers)

A Kindergarten of Giraffes

A Kindle of Kittens (When Cats)

A Kine of Cattle

A Kine of Cows (When 12 Cows Are a Flink)

A Kit of Pigeons

A Kit of Pigeons (When Flying Together)

A Knab of Toads

A Knob of Waterfowl

A Knob of Wildfowl (When less than 30)

A Knot of Snakes

A Knot of Toads

A Labour of Moles

A Lamentation of Swans

A Lap of Cod

A Leap of Hares

A Leap of Leopards

A Leash of Deer

A Leash of Foxes

A Leash of Greyhounds

A Leash of Hounds

A Lek of Grouse

A Library of Books

A Lick of Lesbians

A Litter of Rabbits (When Young)

A Litter of Any Young (When Animals, Born as a Group)

A Litter of Cubs

A Litter of Kittens

A Litter of Peeps

A Litter of Piglets

A Litter of Puppies

A Load of Drunks

A Lodge of Beavers

A Loft of Pigeons

A Lot of Automobile Dealers

A Lounge of Lizards

A Loveliness of Ladybeetles

A Loveliness of Ladybirds

A Loveliness of Ladybugs

A Lute of Mallards

A Maelstrom of Cats

A Melody of Harpers

A Mews of Capons

A Mindfulness of Familiars

A Mine of Toddlers

A Mischief of Mice

A Mission of Monkeys

A Mite of Mites

A Mob of Cattle

A Mob of Deer

A Mob of Emus

A Mob of Kangaroos

A Mob of Meerkats

A Mob of People, Animals or Kangaroos

A Mob of Sheep (When Australian)

A Movement of Moles

A Multiply of Husbands

A Murder of Crows

A Murder of Magpies

A Murder of Ravens

A Murmuration of Starlings

A Muster of Peacocks

A Muster of Storks

A Mustering of Storks

A Mutation of Thrushes

A Mute of Chows

A Mute of Hares

A Mute of Hounds

A Mystery of Snipe

A Nest of Bees

A Nest of Crocodiles

A Nest of Fish

A Nest of Hornets

A Nest of Mice

A Nest of Pheasants

A Nest of Rabbits

A Nest of Snakes

A Nest of Termites

A Nest of Turtles

A Nest of Vipers

A Nest of Wasps

A Network of Computers

A Neverthriving of Jugglers

A Newton of Figs

A Nide of Geese

A Nide of Pheasants (When Brooding)

A Nucleus of Physicists

A Nudity of Streakers

A Number of Mathematicians

A Nye of Pheasants

An Obeisance of Servants

An Obsequiousness of Sycophants

An Obscurity of Palimpsests

An Obstinacy of Buffalo

An Orgy of Bonobos

An Ostentation of Peacocks

A Pace of Donkeys/Asses

A Pack of Coyotes

A Pack of Grouse

A Pack of Hounds

A Pack of Mules

A Pack of Rats

A Pack of Sheep

A Pack of Weasels

A Pack of Wild Dogs

A Pack of Wolves

A Paddling of Ducks (When on Water)

A Pail of Wasps

A Pair of Horses

A Palindrome of Pushmi-Pullyus

A Palm of Wankers

A Pan of Critics

A Pandemonium of Pandas

A Pandemonium of Parrots

A Panel of Experts

A Panoply of Stars

A Pantheon of Deities

A Parade of Elephants

A Parcel of Birds

A Parcel of Deer

A Parcel of Hogs

A Parcel of Penguins

A Parel of Troops

A Parliament of Owls

A Parliament of Rooks

A Party of Jays

A Passel of Hogs

A Passel of Possum

A Patch of Flowers

A Pathos of Mourners

A Peep of Chickens

A Peloton of Cyclists

A Penetration of Fencers

A Pelvis of Elvis Impersonators

A Phalanx of Storks

A Ping of Table Tennis Players

A Pinhead of Angels (When Dancing)

A Pit of Snakes

A Piteousness of Doves

A Pitying of Doves

A Pitying of Turtledoves

A Pladge of Wasps

A Plague of Locusts

A Plane of Geometrists

A Platoon of Soldiers

A Plethora of Implements

A Plum of Seals

A Plump of Ducks (When Flying)

A Plump of Geese (When on Water)

A Plump of Waterfowl

A Plump of Wildfowl

A Pod of Birds (When Small Flock)

A Pod of Dolphins

A Pod of Porpoises

A Pod of Seals

A Pod of Seals (When a Small Herd)

A Pod of Walruses

A Pod of Whales

A Pod of Whales (When Small School)

A Pomp of Circumstances

A Pomp of Pekingese

A Pomposity of Professors

A Ponder of Philosophers

A Pontifica of Prelates

A Portfolio of Stockbrokers

A Pounce of Cats

A Poverty of Pipers

A Prettying of Doves

A Prevarication of Consultants

A Prickle of Hedgehogs

A Prickle of Porcupines

A Pride of Lions

A Pride of Peacocks

A Prudence of Prudes

A Pulchritude of Peacocks

A Purse of Winnings

A Quarrel of Sparrows

A Questionableness of Facts

A Quiver of Arrows

A Quiver of Cobras

A Quiver of Rebuttals

A Rabble of Butterflies

A Rabble of Rats

A Rack of Gears

A Raffle of Turkeys

A Raft of Auks

A Raft of Coots

A Raft of Ducks (When on Water)

A Raft of Otters

A Raft of Penguins

A Raft of Sea Otters

A Raf of Widgeons

A Rafter of Turkeys

A Rag of Colts

A Rag of Horses (When Colts)

A Rainbow of Butterflies

A Rake of Colts

A Rake of Libertines

A Rake of Mules

A Range of Mountains

A Rascal of Boys

A Ravening of Sharks

A Remuda of Horses

A Rhumba of Rattlesnakes

A Rhyme of Poets

A Riches of Matrons

A Richesse of Martens

A Ring of Keys

A Roll of Coins

A Romp of Otters

A Rookery of Penguins

A Rookery of Rooks

A Rookery of Seals

A Rope of Pearls

A Rouleau of Coins

A Rout of Knights

A Rout of Snails

A Rout of Wolves

A Ruck of Football Players

A Run of Chickens

A Run of Fish in Motion

A Run of Poultry

A Run of Salmon

A Salvo of Artillery Shells

A Sault of Lions

A Sawt of Lions

A Scale of Fish

A Scathe of Zombies

A Scattering of Herons

A School of Dolphins

A School of Fish

A School of Porpoises

A School of Whales

A Scintillation of Fairies

A Scold of Jays

A Scourge of Mosquitoes

A Screech of Gulls

A Scull of Friars

A Scurry of Squirrels

A Sedge of Bitterns

A Sedge of Cranes

A Sedge of Herons

A Seduction of Sailors

A Seige of Cranes

A Seige of Herons

A Set of Horses

A Set of Mathematicians

A Shiver of Sharks

A Shoal of Bass

A Shoal of Fish

A Shoal of Herring

A Shower of Bastards

A Shower of Meteorologists

A Shrewdness of Apes

A Shuffle of Bureaucrats

A Siege of Bitterns

A Siege of Herons

A Silence of Librarians

A Silence of Mimes

A Singular of Boars

A Singular of Wild Boar

A Sitting of Eggs

A Skein of Geese (When in the Air)

A Skulk of Foxes

A Slew of Homework

A Slither of Snakes

A Sloth of Bears

A Smuck of Jellyfish

A Sneak of Weasels

A Sord of Mallards

A Sounder of Boars

A Sounder of Pigs

A Sounder of Swine

A Sounder of Wild Boar

A Souse of Lions

A Sowse of Lions

A Span of Mules

A Span of Oxen

A Spring of Seals

A Spring of Teal

A Squad of Soldiers

A Stable of Horses

A Staff of Employees

A Stand of Flamingoes

A Stand of Plovers

A Stand of Trees

A Stare of Owls

A Startlement of Starlings

A State of Ants

A State of Princes

A Steam of Minnows

A Stench of Skunks

A Storytelling of Crows

A Streak of Tigers

A Striker of Crocodiles

A String of Horses (When Breeding)

A String of Ponies

A String of Racehorses

A Stud of Horses (When Breeding)

A Stud of Mares

A Study of Owls

A Suicide of Lemmings

A Superfluity of Nouns

A Superfluity of Similes

A Surfeit of Skunks

A Swarm of Ants

A Swarm of Bees

A Swarm of Butterflies

A Swarm of Eels

A Swarm of Flies

A Swarm of Insects

A Swarm of Locusts

A Swarm of Rats

A Swarm of Termites

A Taboo of Sex Workers

A Taboon of Horses

A Team of Athletes

A Team of Ducks

A Team of Geese (When in the Air)

A Team of Hogs

A Team of Horses

A Team of Oxen

A Team of Swans

A Team of Wild Ducks (When in Flight)

A Thicket of Idiots

A Thicket of Trees

A Thirst of Irish

A Thought of Barons

A Threatening of Courtiers

A Tiding of Magpies

A Tittering of Magpies

A Tower of Giraffes

A Trace of Hares

A Trace of Rabbits

A Train of Camels

A Train of Coyotes

A Trembling of Finches

A Tribe of Goats

A Tribe of Monkeys

A Tribe of Natives

A Trimming of Finches

A Trip of Dotterel

A Trip of Goats

A Trip of Hares

A Trip of Pigs

A Trip of Seals

A Trip of Sheep

A Trip of Waterfowl

A Trip of Widgeons

A Trip of Wildfowl

A Troop of Baboons

A Troop of Dogfish

A Troop of Foxes

A Troop of Giraffes

A Troop of Kangaroos

A Troop of Lions

A Troop of Monkeys

A Trope of Hyperbole

A Troubling of Goldfinches

A Troubling of Goldfish

A Troupe of Buffalo

A Troupe of Performers

A Troupe of Thespians

A Tumult of Tuba Players

A Turmoil of Porpoises

A Turn of Turtles

An Ubiquity of Mosquitos

An Ubiquity of Sparrows

An Ugly of Walruses

An Unkindness of Ravens

An Unpleasantness of Televsion Evangelists

A Vagary of Impediments

A Virtue of Unicorns

A Volary of Birds (When in an Aviary)

A Volery of Birds

A Wad of Money

A Waddle of Penguins

A Wake of Buzzards

A Walk of Snipe

A Watch of Nightingales

A Wealth of Information

A Wedge of Geese (When in the Air)

A Wedge of Swans (When in the Air)

A Whiteness of Swans

A Wing of Aircraft

A Wing of Plovers

A Wisdom of Grandparents

A Wisdom of Owls

A Wisp of Snipe

A Woop of Gorillas

A Wrack of Kittens (When Rabbits)

A Wunch of Bankers

A Yoke of Oxen

A Zeal of Zebras

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