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Oxymora exist on a sliding scale of objectivity and subjectivity. Opinions will vary, but some Oxymora are acceptable by almost everybody as being Oxymora, whereas others are extremely subjective and vary from one world-view clump to another.


Absolute Possibility

Accident Plan

Accidentally on Purpose

Acute Dullness

Almost Impossible

Altogether Separate

Anarchist Community

Apathetic Interest

Artificial Reality

Bad Sex

Benign Neglect

Cheerful Cynic

Christian Tolerance

Coined Cliché

Common Eccentricity

Compassionate Usury

Conspicuous Absence

Decaffeinated Coffee.

Delicious Pain

Direct Subterfuge

Discreet Rumor

Dissonant Harmony

Doctoral Ignorance

Domestic Wine

Drive-thru Window

Elevated Subway

Eloquent Silence

English Cuisine

Enormous Microorganism

Entrenched Science

Entrenched Turmoil

Evil Purity

Expected Surprise

Extraordinarily Normal

Familiar Stranger

Fast-food Nutrition

Ferengi Dentist

Gunboat Diplomacy

Illusionary Realism

Important Trivia

Inarticulate Speaker

Insincere Vow

Instant Classic

Ironclad Guarantee

Justifiably Paranoid

Knee-high Panty-hose

Known Secret

Known Stranger

Lascivious Chastity

Lead Balloon

Least Favorite

Limited Immunity

Literal Interpretation

Living Fossil

Loud Silence

Loyal Opposition

Mandatory Volunteerism

Melancholy Merriment

Mental Masturbation

Militant Pacifist

Military Intelligence

More Equal

Needless Requirement

Negative Gain

Negative Growth

Negative Momentum

New Antique

New Tradition

Organized Chaos

Peace Warrior

Peripherally Integral

Permanent Phase

Practical Luxury

Precise Estimate

Premeditated Spontaneity

Professional Amateur

Protestant Architecture

Pure Evil

Qualified Success

Quality Assurance

Quality Service

Questionable Answer

Quick Fix

Quiet Scream

Required Donation

Revolutionary Status-quo

Safe Sex.

Scheduled Spontaneity

Scientific Creationism

Scripted Spontaneity

Second Initial

Seriously Funny

Shared Monopoly

Sincere Deception

Sincere Flattery

Small Fortune

Somewhat Awesome

Sordid Virtue

Spectator Sport

Splendid Misery

Spoken Thought

Spontaneous Demonstration

Staged Accident

Strenuous Idleness

Studied Indifference

Subtle Fireworks

Subversive Compliance

Tattered Elegance

Tech Support

Tentative Conclusion

Thinking Out-loud

Thundering Silence

Traditional Revolution

True Dos Multi-tasking.

True Lies

Unknown Cronies

Unpleasant Pleasure

Unspoken Suggestion

Unsung Hero

Virtual Reality

Virtuous Vice

Visual Language

Waking Dream

Whole Hemisphere

Wicked Good

Wordless Book

Work Party


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