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(A Paraprosdokian is a figure of speech in which the latter part
of a sentence or phrase is surprising or unexpected in a way
that causes the reader or listener to reframe the first part)


Paraprosdokians range from fairly simple phrases, such as "You're giving me a headache, . . . and not the good way!", to the often extremely complex stylings such as those of Emo Philips. Emo Philips' stand up act is characterized by his speaking in a sort of meandering, confused, childlike delivery, with overtones of the idiot savant couched in a falsetto tone delivered with a devastating command of comic timing. His jokes often have nuanced facetious levels, and multi-entendres, they encompass both Paraprosdokians and what are called Garden Path Sentences (Garden path sentences are used in PsychoLinguistics to illustrate that human beings process language one word at a time, thus enabling the wordsmythe to control changes in meaning as he goes through the sentence. The name refers to the saying "to be led up the garden path", meaning "to be misled" . . . ). Emo Philips (born Phil Soltanec, February 7, 1956) is an American entertainer and comedian born in the Chicago suburb of Downers Grove. A joke of his was voted funniest religious joke ever in an 2005 online poll, and though it employed the facetious, it was sadly not a Paraprosdokian.


However, we do have Monsieur Philips to thank for the succinct Paraprosdokian and Garden Path gift of: "I was in Jerusalem last year. I felt so embarrassed, you know. . . . I was standing there at the Wailing Wall, like a moron, . . . you know, with my harpoon . . ."





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