Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive, Big

(that make us smile)

We're calling these quotables rather than simply quotations because even though most of them are attributable and attributed, some of them may have emerged from the vast sea of Humanity's subconscious into the more finite but still really beeg sea of Humanity's Consciousness from numerous and/or unidentified sources at the same time. Both types may play as the elusive and ubiquitious Meme creatures.

See more in-depth notes about our selections of Quotables and such . . .

Quotables from Philosophers and other Intellectuals
(yeah, Those People: Philosophers, Intellectuals, Inventors,
Scientists (capital S varietals only please), and general Idea-Folk)

MetaPhysical Quotables

PataPhysical Quotables

Wit, Satirist, Ironicist, Humourist, and Comedian Quotables
(the entire Sublime/Ridiculous spectrum gamut, sung in harmony and dissonance)

Erisian Quotables
(All Hail, The Chick What Done It All!)

Lewis Carroll's Quotables
[Mostly Alice, and the like . . . ]

Absurdist Quotables
[Absurdist Forerunners, and Fellow Travelers,
not included above in
Erisian, PataPhysical or Alice categories]

Quantum Physics and MetaPhysics Quotables

Quotables from General Physics

Information Technology Quotables

Poetry Quotables

Quotables from Song Lyrics

Quotables from Literature
(outside the Science Fiction field, which gets it's own category below)

Quotables from Science Fiction Literature and Authors

Theatre Quotables

Film Quotables

Television Show Quotables

Quotables from US Founding Parental Units
(to help dispel the Myth of their "xtianity")

Quotables from other Politicians and Statespersons
(American other than Founders, and other Nationalities)

Insightful Quotables about xTianity
(not included in the other categories)

Revealing Quotes from Self-Identified Modern xTian Fundamentalists
(highlighting their actual nature)

Scary Quotes from Demagogues and Tyrants

Quotables from Artists, Actors, Musicians,
other random Celebrities, and the like

Marvelous Last Words

One-Linerish Zingers

Quotables from various types of Animated Entities
(Quotes about and from Characters in Animated Films, Animé, Cartoons, Comix, and the like)

Responsive Quotables
(that require two voices)

Quips and Barbs

Unsorted Quotables


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