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(No, we didn't invent this one, Like Saint Mae and Sex, we just want to perfect it)

 We are defining Ubiquinym to include words and/or phrases that may be used to mean anything, or nearly (Ubiquitous Words or Phrases, if you will). [ . . . by the power invested . . . etcetera]

Some common readily known examples are: "Dude", "Sweet", "Cool"

English is not normally a Tonal Language, i.e.: the tone of voice doesn't usually affect the meaning of the words. In Ubiquinyms this is totally contravened. In Ubiquinyms the tone practically is the meaning.

For a word or phrase to be a Ubiquinym it's range or set of possible meanings should include at least several mutually contradictory meanings, indicated by the tone in which they are said. Sarcasm, Irony, Inuendo, Facetiousity and Satire all receive heavy play in Ubiquinyms as do Misdirection and Inside Jokes and Slang.


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