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Important Note about Fonts and other Graphics issues:

We will list the names of the Fonts that we use here, and hopefully link to sites for those who wish to download them easily.

A lot of the site is done in Times New Roman which is probably on most computers, additionally we are replacing the words that are transcribed in our Sacred Language Phonetic symbols with gifs so that they will come up regardless. We use the WP. . . fonts that come with Corel WordPerfect 8, Korinna BT, Marigold, Lydian Cursive, the ever popular University Roman, Flemish Script BT, ShelleyAllegro(etc.), Copperplate,

In Symbols we use DSA Symbole, Astro, Woolbats & Moon Phases (if you don't have these and you're reading this page with any interest, believe us, you want them), Webdings, Wingdings, SGreek, Listemagerens Dingbats 1,

One of the oldest Projects in Garden of Life is what we call the Sacred Language Project. Part of which is the construction of a Language for Temple use. This Language is based on English and the Languages that English draws heavily from, because of English's versatility and permeation of the World Culture. The two chief technical problems that we see with using English-As-Is (especially in Chant Development) are: many of the letters (not only the vowels) have several, in some cases many ways to pronounce them; and some of the sounds that we would like to use from Archaic tongues are not represented. We have a working list of our variations of the Language. There are many symbols to learn, but once they are learned, any word transcribed or created in this Language may be pronounced with the sound remaining the same indefinately, regardless of such word's derivation.

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