Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive, Big

Air Implements

(None of these Categories are concrete, if they help with navigation or location of particular information, then they will have fulfilled their purpose. Such is the fate of Linearity in a Wholistic Cosmos.)

Fan - When the term Fan [in Aleister Crowley's 777 Tables of Correspondences, key number 11] is used in reference to a Magickal Implement, Sacred Object, Ceremonial Tool and/or Focus it generally refers to an implement for manual individual cooling, normally with an open shape of a segment of a circle, consisting of materials such as feathers, silk and/or paper mounted on thin slats joined by a pivot point so that it may be closed when not in use (this feature also makes it quite versatile for enhancement of gesture), specifically made for general or particular Magickal Working, and/or consecrated to the same.

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