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Altar Cloths and Coverings

(None of these Categories are concrete, if they help with navigation or location of particular information, then they will have fulfilled their purpose. Such is the fate of Linearity in a Wholistic Cosmos.)

Altar Cloths and Coverings - When the term Altar Cloth and/or Covering is used in reference to a Magickal Implement, Sacred Object, Ceremonial Tool and/or Focus it generally refers to an item which is the first layer placed on an Altar which is to be used in Magickal and/or Spiritual Workings, specifically made for general or particular Magickal Working, and/or consecrated to the same. It is a convenient way to change and add patterns, symbols and so forth appropriate to a particular Working, without restructuring the Altar itself, which in many traditions is a simple basic type structure, often a solid coloured double-cube. Cloth is the most frequent, but any material may be used, including metals, pottery, woods and so forth, in some cases the material itself may be chosen for a resonance with the Working to be performed, textural, colour, or any other attribute.

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