Garden of Life in Lydian Cursive, Big

Kao in Phonetic Transcription

Translation and additional source info

The above is a phonetic transliteration of a chant used by a group of practitionors (some of whom are in the Formalization/Founding Assembly of Garden of Life) for at least the last twenty-some-odd years, since approximately sometime in Year of the Lady 11339 (Vernal Equinox 1973ev to Vernal Equinox 1974ev).   The original was shown to us in an old edition of "Be Here Now". It was said to be in Enochian, or the Tongue of the Angels. We have not been able to find it in the editions of "Be Here Now" that we've come across since, but there were a lot of editions put out, and each one a little different. The chant does seem to be very effective. The meaning of the words that we were shown is basically:

"May we recognize the divinities within us,

May we recognize the divinities in others,

May we recognize that these divinities join & work together in the flowering of the Cosmos."

This is the Chant that we've used the longest. It seems to be very effective in enabling all the Celebrants to get to an effective Alpha state in a Gestalt context for the purposes of Werkings.

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