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Frame of Reference

(None of these Categories are concrete, if they help with navigation or location of particular information, then they will have fulfilled their purpose. Such is the fate of Linearity in a Wholistic Cosmos.)

We are using the term Frame of Reference to designate the "Lens", "Window" or "Portal"  through which Individuals and in some case Societies view the Consensus Reality.

Since, in mammals, so far as we know, the Brain actually does the processing of the input from the senses (regular and/or extra), seeing with the data input by the vision of the eyes, and so forth; it is probable that one perceives things as allowed by Her/His chosen (in some cases imprinted) Frame of Reference. If that is the case, then the more complete and more flexible a Frame of Reference is (or becomes), the more valuable and productive such Frame of Reference is to any given Sentient's Growth Curve, Spiritual, Mental and/or Physical.

Let's use the concept of resolution to clarify, since most people are now familiar with it, due to the graphic elements of exploring the World Wide Web. In terms of Resolution, the higher the resolution, or the smaller bits the image is divided into for the sake of representation, the clearer the resultant image appears. After a certain point, the naked eye can no longer discern any difference, so there is little point for graphic artists to use higher resolution after that. Just so, if one is looking at the Cosmos through a Two choice Frame of Reference, some may think that the picture is not as clear as it might be if one is viewing through a Frame of Reference which allows Five choices, or Eleven choices, or Forty choices, and so forth, until a system is obtained which has the maximum number of variables that a specific individual, and/or humanity in general would be able to utilize at a given time.

Loosely the "variables" here spoken of are Archetypes. These Archetypes preferably should be ones which have resonance within all or most of our current known database of sentient consciousness. Sometimes it is sufficient if they only hold resonance for some subset such as a Culture or Tradition. But to be effective, they must be True Archetypes which exist within Consciousness, simply creating a set of categories, however pretty or logically consistant, is of little or no use.

Naturally when a given system (or combination thereof) is selected, such selection will influence the preference for certain Foci rather than others. If, as is normally the case, a different system is selected or integrated in later, the set of Foci utilized will change also.

We list some bits of information on some of the more frequently utilized methodologies below.

Relevant to the Gifts and Persuasions

Divinatory Systems - Short Definitions

Below are the ones we have more detailed info on:


Cartomancy or Tarot Divination

Oneiromancy or Dream Interpretation











Crystal Scrying


New Aeon English Qabala

The Book of Changes, Yi King

Rune Divination

Altered States



Chiromancy or Palmistry




Black Mirror Scrying

Water Scrying

Fire Scrying




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