Cadeau Boutique de l'Esprit

Our primary aim is to provide Sacramental Supplies and Services for Members and others of LikeMind, which are not readily available through MainStream venues.

We chose the Name of our Sacramental Supply shop with care, the word esprit in French references three principal meanings: the Spiritual (and all that resembles it), the Mind (particularily the Intellect and the Imagination) and/or Wit (humour, Joie de Vivre and/or perhaps Elan Vital) which should just about cover it.

We offer Astrology Reports and Charts, Statuary, Jewelry, Devotional and Ritual items, Candles and CandleHolders, Incense and Incense Burners, Tumbled Rocks and other Talismanic items, Herbs, Posters, Topical T-Shirts and SweatShirts, Buttons, BumperStickers and more.

We are new to the OnLine Shop Idea, and will slowly get items up on these pages. Right now it is principally the Astrology Reports that are available, we have the other stuff but it will take a while to get everything online. If you see something posted that is not listed for purchase, or wish to inquire about any other item of a Metaphysical and/or Spiritual Nature please email us at 

Of course, any comments that you might wish to contribute about the items that are up, page layout, or otherwise would also be appreciated.

For the moment, our acceptance of Credit Cards and eChecks via the internet
is still in process, but should be up and running soon.
Until then we are tied to Snail Mail for actual money transactions.
So right now orders may be sent by email or regular mail,
but payments will have to be sent by regular mail.

In this WebStore we will concentrate on:
Devotional and Celebratory Ritual Aides and Foci:

Devotional and Ritual items Astrology Reports, Charts and Readings Other Types of Divinations
Jewelry Statuary Vestments and other Wearables
Ritual Research and Development Candles, Incense and Accessories Divinatory Supplies
Typesetting and Printing Laughter and Divertissements Talismanic Items
Herbs Books AudeoVideo
  Fragrances: Oils, Extracts and more  

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